Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today would be Liz's 25 birthday. I can hardly believe it. It is a LITTLE BIT easier to get through this day as the years pass, but I still have to deal with that sometimes overwhelming emotion of depression and occasionally despair. I miss her so desperately. Perhaps today would be a good day to work on my book. I am certainly aware of the emotions that would cause me to think about her and the writing.

Today is also the first day of Spring. Doesn't look much like it!

Today is also my great-aunts 96 Birthday. Happy Birthday Aunt Ella!

Today two of my boys are coming home for the Easter weekend.

Jeff told me the sun is supposed to shine...


Jane said...

Praying for you today.

Sue K. said...

I'm sorry about your daughter, I just can't imagine what it would be like to lose a child. What gets you through days like today?? I'm glad God is close to you to help you daily!