Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Bless God, I just finished my first DVD for my class. It had two classes on it, and I watched them both twice so I did four hours of classes today. Whew... It does make one understand why going to school at a younger age makes sense. Although, I am much more apt to actually sit and absorb now so I guess I have arguments for both sides.

My boys are back to IWU and Virginia. It was good to have 2/3 of them home. The other 1/3 wants to come home now... ha! We spent a lovely evening with Kim's family on Friday night amidst the brrrrrr snow. We were concerned for her safety driving home that night though. She made it safely. Micah left to go back to VA on Saturday morning around 11 and nearly turned around about eight miles from here because of how bad the roads were. I was a nervous parent of course, I think Jeff and I called him four times during his drive back. He got a call from one of the pastors at his church when he was nearly back to Leesburg wondering where he was. Kelley was driving through Ohio on his way to IWU where his oldest daughter attends also, and he was stuck on the highway while ODOT put chemicals on the road to make it safe for travel. ( Hope you got there ok Kelley and Jane) Micah said it was clear and sunny about 45 degrees where he was. I am so glad that wasn't me on the highway. I panic!
I am gearing up to start GriefShare next Tuesday March 18. If anyone is interested in attending please let me know. I sent out several letters and invitations and the press release went out last week in the Times Reporter, the Bargain Hunter and the Budget. It is open to anyone that is grieving the loss of a family member or loved one. Be sure to let me know before next Tuesday if you plan on attending or not. There are several people that will be picking up the classes that they missed before, so if you attended before and would like to do the same that would be great! I may need to order more workbooks for newcomers. We had a good turnout at the last offering and I hope this too will be well attended. We address many different issues during the 13 weeks. Loss of spouse, loss of parents, loss of children, suicide. Being stuck in grief, living with grief, top 20 lessons if grief, It is an amazing class. If you or anyone you know is interested, please don't hesitate to give them this information. You do not have to attend NewPointe. It is open to anyone looking for a grief support group with a Biblical view. It is very healing, and I encourage anyone no matter how long it's been since your loss to try to attend.

How about all of this coooold, naaaaasty snoooooow? Can you tell I am not a fan of the white stuff? I really had to laugh when I looked at Danny's blog check it out:http://dbunnelle.blogspot.com/
I'll post pictures of Jeff too. He can slap this up in a matter of minutes to catch any sun ray there is. The thermometer reads 89 degrees. Jeff is going to make a fold able version of his sun booth and patent it. It really works.
It was in the 20's that day and he got sunburned! So take that Ohio winter! It may not look great, but it serves it's purpose!

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