Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My book

Well, I will answer the question that so many of you are asking me every time you see me. How is the book going? It is going SLOW, but it is going! I have done some re-writes, and yesterday I began typing out the interviews that I did 4 years ago... yep, I waited that long! Since I went to the Writers seminar I have been encouraged, and have felt new direction. I really believe that the Lord had been trying to encourage me, but that nasty old FEAR thing just didn't want to let go. I think that after Marlene read a portion of my story and gave me a critique, that perhaps God could still work through me and this book.I am still trying to decide whether to incorporate the interviews into what I have written, or if I should just do each interview as a chapter of it's own. I am leaning towards incorporating into the story line. Let me know what you think PLEASE!!!!!!!

I may attend another BIG writer's conference in Colorado in May, but I need a confirmation from God, and for His supply. I would be able to meet editors from different publishers, meet literary agents, attend seminars, and LEARN! I have been pouring over my books that I got at Marlene's s seminar, and I am putting one foot in front of the other so to say, and am "stepping out in faith" so as I have asked you all before PLEASE PRAY FOR ME IN THIS ENDEAVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two of the boys were home over the weekend, my momma's heart was soooo happy! It's hard to believe that in one more month they will be done for the year! Yep, they'll be done by April 23rd. WOW!
Micah is visiting friends in Colorado, I hope this week will be amazing for him!

It was kind of a weird day yesterday. Jeff didn't go to work, and I am not sure if he will today or not. He is pretty burnt out. I felt like I was being watched, (but not really.. ) It's hard to explain. I told him that's how I felt so he knows. He just made me a little nervous, so he went to the library to "get out of my hair". He was encouraged to see me working on the book, and he also told me something that I needed to change on my profile on here. He said I needed to change a portion of it where I was criticizing myself! I was so shocked that he had even read it, or even knew where to find it. I was determined to do as he suggested, so I did take the "negative" part out of my profile. Thanks honey!

Well, once again I have gone through my daily ritual of checking on some of my favorite blogs, only to find only 2 people have change theirs this week. PLEASE update your blogs! Some days I feel that is my connection with the outside world. Since I quit my job the end of June, I feel out of touch, actually I am just plain nosey, and want to know what my friends are doing!

I suppose I should do the few dishes accumulated since last night, sweep and dust, and run to the store, so I better get a move on here it's already after 8 a.m. and time's a ticking! I will write more in the book, so keep checking back here for further updates!

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