Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching up

Apparently I am in the catch up mood. I have once again attempted to e-mail a few old college friends, and past acquaintances. I have felt for some time that I needed to make contact with these people. So far I have heard from a few, but I am still waiting to hear from others. Hmmmm.

I have been writing like crazy again. It really takes time and effort to do these things, so hopefully I will be able to sell some of my articles and Devotional contributions, not to mention my book. It seems that I have so many ideas, and sometimes can't take the time to write when the thoughts come. I find that really frustrating. I tend to be driving the car, or doing something where paper and pen are not available. Then just as quickly as the thought comes, it disappears! Bummer!

My heart is all a twitter when I think about the writers conference. Two weeks from tomorrow! Yippee! I continue to find things that I need to do to prepare for this, and am hoping that I am able to get a more organized and edited copy of my book to take with me. I mentioned that a friend is reading and making editorial suggestions. I most assuredly need prayer for completing this!

I have GriefShare tonight, and am looking forward to seeing everyone. Tonight's topic is "The Uniqueness of Grief". We have been having some very good times of sharing, and the healing that comes with it. The pain that seems to be so evident when people walk in, seems softened by the time they leave. People have been sharing with each other after the meetings, and not rushing off. They are sharing their experiences, and helping each other. What a blessing!

I think we will be making a collage in one of the last sessions. It too is a time of remembering and healing for the participants. For me as well. Just because you lead a group, doesn't mean you don't still have issues about grief and need a touch form the Lord. It is such an amazing and healing thing each and every week.

I'm now down 16 pounds and 11.5 inches, I'm thrilled. I tried on some clothes yesterday, some of the things I found I am grieving that I cannot fit into as of yet, others are fitting with ease! Only 34 more pounds to reach my first attainable goal. I may go beyond that, I may not. I have been the route of anorexia (borderline) so, I do not desire to go through the pain of that again. I am doing a lifestyle change, not a diet. I eat all the time, so I am not starving myself! In this I have learned from my past mistakes.

I think having discipline is a key that I threw away a long time ago. I am just now getting another key made for that thing that I locked away for so long. I am trying to remain true to what I believe that Lord is showing me and teaching me about me, and about what He wants for me. I have many issues that God has been pointing out that need attention, and dealing with them can be painful at times, and frustrating as well. Just when you think "I finally have that one handled" God shows it to you from yet another angle, and says "Not quite, now let's do this". Whew!

I need to get my letters and proposals typed so I better get busy with that so I can start cooking. I have to cook about 4 hours a day just to keep up with Jeff and Chris and myself since the three of us are doing the ProVida thing... But, it's working!

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Tina said...

how wonderful that you serve in griefshare. I know others benefit from your leadership there. I would love to read your book.