Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I cannot believe it is March 3. Incredible.

So far March has started out OK. It's not nearly as warm as I had hoped it would be, and that would be including the inside of the house. Our gas well seems to have a bit of a glitch in it. We are the third in a string of three that uses this well, and it isn't doing so great. Woke up this morning to 61 degrees. Brrrrrr. The well guy is coming out tonight. Hope to stay warm until then.

Yesterday I had a good day. I read the book "The Shack" by William P. Young. It did inspire me to do more re-writes on my book. I got 20 pages done in one day! Pretty good if you understand how hard writing can be... I sent it to four of my "encouragers" and so far have heard back from only one. What I did get back was positive. Thanks Marlene!

I have high hopes to find the right publisher this year. I sent an e-mail yesterday to one of the publishers I met last May in Denver. She is the one that said if I am not published by this May to contact her. I have not received a response from her as of yet, but I will wait (with prayers for much grace) I hate to wait! It makes me nervous.

In the mean time I have been having a ball talking to old friendson facebook. Nice making connections I know I am repeating myself from earlier blogs.

I have my grief class tonight. I love GriefShare. I cannot believe I've been facilitating it for over three years. What a difference it has made in my life.

Last night Jeff and I attended a Gideons meeting in Holmes County. Jeff is a Gideon in Tuscarawas County, but we went to the Pastor's appreciation dinner last night and met a lot of Holmes county folks. We also had the opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with a few Pastors that we have shared in their churches in the past. So, it was a good evening.

I have two speaking engagements this month, the first is at St. Joe's Catholic Church on March 11, the next is at a women's Bible study on March 30. Then next month I have two as well. I'll be at Jerusalem Church on April 26 (it is open to all women even if you do not attend Jerusalem) and then at United Dayspring on Sunday night April 26. We may possibly receive another invitation or two from some churches we made contact with last night.

It never ceases to amaze me what God is doing. For someone (me) that is petrified to stand up and share in front of large groups of people, God seems to be stretching me in that direction. If that is how God chooses, I am sure He'll meet me in the midst of my panic, as He always does.

I have to go out to Amish country this afternoon to pick up the deer we have had processed. It is gonna be yummy! We'll have 56 pounds of deer bologna. 2/3 of it will be jalapeno and cheese bologna, the rest will just be regular trail. Can't wait.

I need to get a few things done, so see you later.


Tina said...

I really like venison, yummy.

Hey, I read "The Shack" in less than an day and a half. I got so wrapped up in it and the message that I lost total track of time.

I'm so glad to see God opening up opportunities for you to tell your story and for others to hear it.

Blessings to you,

Karen M said...

Hi Becki
Just catching up on reading. Love your blog design. I can sympathize with you on the flu. I had it about a month ago. Ugh! I'm adding you to my blog reading list. Hoping it will help me stay caught up reading great blogs like yours.

Sally said...

HI there.... I was sure I emailed you the other day- but you know my brain is not functioning well right now.... I'll go back and check- anyway- I think you are really on the right track with your writing/rewriting... keep going with it- clear- pulled me in... ttyl