Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday, new week, new job!

I'm pretty excited that I'll be starting my new job this week, Monday to be exact. I'll begin training for three days this week, a couple days next week, then hopefully I'll know the ropes, and do fine on my own.

I really need to get myself on a schedule again, it's been a while. I have enjoyed the luxury of being home for the last 21 months. I have really had a time of growth during those 21 months. God has spoken to my heart so many things, and I actually took time to listen and pray and step out in faith and do. For me, the doing part is hard because of fear. I always want to do everything perfectly, and I ALWAYS worry that it won't be perfect.

To bad I don't always worry about things being perfect, like here at home. Oh, I do but not so much as I do if I am going to do something for someone or with someone. I need to trust God a bit more on that level.

I am hoping to add several more pages to the manuscript in the next several days. High hopes for this newest re-write. Pray pray pray!

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Tina said...

How great! A new adventure.
Love and prayers,