Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yes, two posts in one day

OK, I just had to share these pictures and let you all know what I did with my Saturday afternoon.

As you read before I had to help move my dad's stuff out of his apartment this morning, We got home about 1:30. Then we ate lunch and I took a nap...

Later this afternoon Jeff went out groundhog hunting, then came back and set up a target shoot for the two of us. He said that after I did so well he wanted to take a couple of pictures of me...UGH

So lovely, but here they are, and also a couple of pictures of the target so you can see how well I did. The target was at about 50 yards out. It was an old helium tank (empty of course)

Below you can see where I hit it the first time I shot. Just below and to the left of the bulls eye, then in the next picture...

Here is my second shot high and to the left of the bulls eye.

Then here is a picture of my man. I told him with the red flannel shirt he had a Paul Bunyan thing going on. I can hardly believe we've been together for 28 years.

Anyway now you can see how we spent our afternoon. We had fun, yes, fun. Never in my lifetime would I have thought I would ever like to go target shooting. Woo-hoo, way fun.


Tina said...

28 years, that's a blessing! and you are quite the shot there lady!

Jane said...

I'm envious. I've never shot at anything, but I think it would be fun to try. Way to go!