Friday, March 13, 2009

A new job

Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! I now have a new job. It's only a few hours a week, but it could grow into more in the future!

I will be working at SpringHaven Inc. in Mt Eaton. It is a counseling center. I will be doing office work along with an old office friend Leigh Ann. It should be fun, and it will bring in a little bit of money. It is wonderful that I will have the opportunity to work at a counseling center since that is what I am attempting to get my certification for.

I am getting really excited to go to the CCWC in May. I received my confirmation yesterday. My tickets are booked, now all I need to do is get my lodging reservations. Yippee!

I had a fun experience today. I saw a BIG male coyote running around the farm. He was about 150 yards away from the house. I figured by the time I found the gun, got it loaded and got back downstairs he's be gone, but nooooo, he decided to lounge on the ground, and I had a clear view of him. I got off a shot and it must have been pretty close, because he really jerked and bobbed. He took off into the woods, but circled around and came out. I was ready... I took another shot and her took off like a rocket. I fired yet another shot, but it hit the field about four feet behind him. Pretty cool. Wish I had gotten him though to add to my "trophy" stories.

I am 85 pages into the re-write for Through the Tears. I've had some positive response from my "encouragers" however; the publisher that I was really hoping would be my ticket to publication sent me an e-mail this week. Here is part of her response:

I have decided to pass on taking another look at your proposal, not for lack of interest in your or that story, but because we have one recent and one upcoming book that both deal with tragic murder stories in some way. Adding yours would make a third within three years and that would be an unwise balance in our line.

May you find the publishing partner at just the right time and place, Becki. I know the process can feel daunting and discouraging, but be encouraged that God has given you the gift of written expression and his plans for how you use it for his kingdom are perfect.

It's not just a typical rejection letter, but is certainly not what I had been hoping for.

I had a great time at St. Joseph's Parrish on Wednesday. We had a full house according to my friend Vickie. All the seats were full. Two of our small group ladies attended as well, so thanks Barb and Denise. I appreciate the support and prayers. I was so nervous!

The boys went back to school on Sunday. It's hard to believe they only have about six weeks of classes left. Jordan is so anxious to go to Zambia, he's counting the days till he leaves. HE is trying to find summer employment for when he gets back. Not an easy task with the economy the way it is. Chris is not sure what he'll be doing this summer either. We don't have enough work at our business to give him any hours. So , it's going to be up to God to supply something for them both!

I am going to go to a couple of scrapbook days. I think I may go back to working on Liz's books. I quit after she died, and haven't been able to bring myself to get them back out and work on them. Since it's almost the ninth anniversary since her death, I think I may be ready... we'll find out. Can it possibly be more emotional than writing about it?

It's been fun doing the Circle of Friends devotional page. I have only posted two of my own devotionals, but I have posted several you would enjoy. Please check them out at there are blogs from several of the COF women too. Lot's of fun stuff!

Well, I am ready to wind down for the day, not that I did so much, but I'm pooped.

Keep praying and keep serving!

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Tina said...

Though we didn't have time to talk yesterday, I always get a lift when I see you and when I read your posts. God is using you in amazing ways. He's so amazing! Sorry to hear about the recent publisher e-mail, but the process is soooo important and what you are doing in the process is blowing me away. Love you and give love to Leigh Ann. I miss her.