Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Progress report

Just in case anyone is wondering, I got the laundry room done, all of the laundry done except for today's dirty clothes. Bathrooms done (will just need touched up), guest room done, dining room done, kitchen done, (except for window and valance and floor) living room needs to be done...
clean carpet, dust clean furniture (remove Buzz hair)

I am nearly ready! Yay!!!

We currently have 19 people coming to the seminar.

I will make the food on Friday, and set up the room.

Marlene will get in late afternoon, we will eat dinner here and then head up to the church to get all of her stuff unloaded, then it's time! Yippee 8>)

I have to weed the garden tomorrow before it gets too hot... blah..

(It is Thursday AM and I am 2/3 done weeding...just thirsty so took a break) see pictures to right for proof!

Just wanted to let you all know what is happening.


If anyone wants more info about the seminar please let me know.

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Tina said...

I am thrilled for you. God is using you in such wonderful and unique ways.