Friday, June 5, 2009

Quick update

It' is Friday again and I haven't updated my blog. I'm sorry. I have an 11 o'clock lunch scheduled with my friend Missy, and then I may be heading off to 95.9 The Light to record Circle of Friends radio with Missy, Beth, Angie and I am not sure who else may be there. So maybe you'll hear me...maybe you won't.

The book is coming along. Mike is helping me and giving me wonderful suggestions and support. I need that nudge to get me moving. Yesterday I thought I would be writing all day long, but that didn't end up happening. I read the 57 page Sheriff's report of Liz's murder and all that happened those couple of days. It apparently put me into a bit of a 'dither' and I felt as if I was in a fog all day long. I could not wrap my head around any thing. I ended up searching for a couple of articles I had misplaced, and that ended up turning into an all out cleaning and organizing of my writing area/computer area. It looks much better. Now I have all of my counseling stuff on one shelf, and all of my writing stuff on another. Separate. No longer mixed together willy-nilly.

Yay! Organization...I love it.

Too bad I don't keep it that way, or have my 'maid' do it. Ha what am I thinking I am the maid!

I am anxious to have my friend Missy read what I have written and what Mike has written. She is one of the many people I have as a critique-er for my writing. She is wonderful (as are all of the rest of you) since she has already been published, her book Double Honor (I need to put a link to her book on this site) I am able to pick her brain and get her feed back, and she is honest and gives me great suggestions.

I need to get busy and get ready to go, but I wanted to at least let you all know where I have been and what is happening. Mike and I will meet with the county prosecutor on Monday morning to see what information we can culminate for the book. Good stuff, for adding more interest for the reader. Then on to my writing group after our meeting. Woo-hoo a lot of fun and help.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tina have a great vacation! Wish I could go hug a palm tree with you and Ted! Love ya!

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