Monday, June 22, 2009

A very busy week ahead

Happy Monday everyone!

Once again a new week has rolled around and I have not blogged. So, I will take the rest of my lunch break to do just that.

I am not at work, but I am working. I am cleaning in preparation for Marlene Bagnull to arrive on Friday for the Writer's Seminar I will be hosting. I have mentioned it in previous postings, but I will mention it once again.

If you are interested or know someone that is, please contact me at and let me know right away. We are trying to get a final count so that I am able to prepare enough food for everyone. I need to make sure we have ample seating and materials too.

This past week flew by. Once again Mike and I went to the prosecutors office to gather information. We got several things that we did not have from the sheriff's report, so hopefully we can include some of this information in the book.

Last night Jeff and I shared our testimony out at Memory Park. We were invited by Gospel Haven Church to share at their annual church picnic. What a privilege it was to be there. We took our friends Mike and Linda with us. That was a whole new experience for them as neither of them had ever had opportunity to be at a Mennonite gathering. What a wonderful group of people we met and shared with. Thanks again Marvin and Janice for inviting us!

It is finally summer. Officially! Today is the first Monday of summer, and yet it is nearly July 4. That, in my opinion marks the half way point of summer...UGH.

I am THRILLED that all of my boys will be home for the 4th of July. YAY!!!

So my cleaning will not only be for Marlene, but for the boys too. It seems I have so much to do and not much done. Which means that my lunch break is now five minutes over what I had planned to take. So, back to cleaning cupboards in my bathroom. I would be mortified if Marlene needed something and opened the cupboard and everything fell out! So.... I better get busy!

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