Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Yes, there is that word that we would all love to have said about us, that we would love to feel about ourselves. Yet, it is something that is fleeting at best.

In recent weeks I have felt God bringing this word up on many occasions. Beginning when I made the trip to Knoxville with the *Circle of Friends. We made an hour long infomercial type of program where our very own Lisa Troyer, and Dawn Yoder, were singing and we were the friends they were singing to. It is something that is going to be used to promote the Circe Of Friends Ministry, through Moody Broadcasting and Moody affiliated programs/conferences. It will eventually be available on TV Christian channels.

Anyway, one of the songs that Lisa was singing was "Beautiful".( It is on her Meet Me At The Well CD, that goes along with Virelle Kidder's book Meet Me At The Well, and has a companion Bible study written by Virelle and our *COF gal Jocelyn Hamsher.)

The song is amazing and I love singing it. It helps me to remember that I am beautiful because of the work He has done in me! Upon my return from Knoxville, I was at home trying to catch up on things...I am always behind. I had my TV on tuned to Serious Radio, the christian music channel. I heard a number of songs that had 'beautiful' in them. Hmmm, I wonder. Is God trying to tell me something?

I have felt so very insecure the past few months (more than usual) about how I look. The bags under my eyes are more pronounced, the dark circles accompanying them as well. My weight has gone up...again. My hair is...getting much more gray under my Preference #6, and I am finding it more difficult to cover.

I am moving much slower, my fibro has kicked it up another notch on the pain meter, I seem to have poison ivy all over my arms (how that happened I'll never know) How can I be beautiful?

Because even though I have all of the "short comings" God has still chosen to be my Father, and to work in me and through me. Yes, tight clothes, black puffy eyes, gray hair, aches, pains and everything else in between.

God loves me. And you know what else? Even through all of these things, God requires one thing. That I TRUST Him!


Karen M said...

Hi Becki
Thanks for answering my email. Now I can comment on your post. Years ago calling my son's elementary school was always a bad experience. When he reached middle school, all that changed because of the person on the other end of the phone. Because of her kindness I didn't feel dread whenever I had to call the school. That was you on the other end. You have a beauty that does not grow old with time. The beauty called kindness. These days, I only pass you in the hallways at New Pointe. But, I'll not forget your kindness years ago.

Becki said...

Thank you Karen what a lovely thing to say.