Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LIVE Broadcast TODAY

TODAY... August 18, 2010 at 12 noon EST

Please try to tune and listen LIVE. If you cannot join us for the live broadcast, you may listen to the archived program at your leisure!

We are on again...FOR SURE! Healthy host, healthy guest.

Simply click on the link directly below and it will take you to the radio program. Then make sure your volume is turned up. Yep, it is that simple!

Here is the phone number that listeners can call in on: 347-850-8893


This is a call in line that you may call if you would like to ask ANY question pertaining to our story

1 comment:

R. Everett said...


What a moving testimonial! As I mentioned to you in the email, I was overwhelmed hearing th events of that morning. It's something I will NEVER forget and admire you so much how you have the ability to talk openly and freely without losing your composure. My emotions got the best of me again this morning just hearing you go over the events. I just hope and pray by you sharing this story with others, someone is saved and spared. Thanks again for your friendship, care, and support! May GOD bless all of you and be with you forever and ever.

Robert W. Everett
Captain (Ret'd)
Dover Police Department
Dover, OH