Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There is nothing to fear...but fear itself.

If there is one thing that I fear it is SNAKES! This little fella was waiting for me on the front steps into the house yesterday. I froze in my tracks just before my foot hit the steps. I would NOT go in this door. It is a good thing I have three other doors to choose from. Hopefully one of them was unlocked.

I know little or nothing about them, I assume that this is a garter snake, but honestly I don't know. I do know it stayed on the steps for awhile, then it slithered down the side of the steps and who knows where he went. Ewwww.

It totally creeps me out to have to go out the door. I know that I am a million times the size of this guy, but let me tell you my FEAR certainly made up for the size. One little flip of his tongue and I am unglued!

I believe I wrote in an earlier post about fear. It has certainly gripped me a lot this summer. I am beginning to wonder if God is speaking something to me?

There are 365 scriptures about fear! Hmmm, that would make one for every day of the year. Perhaps God knew we all would struggle with that emotion more than most.

I cannot say that I agree with the there is nothing to fear but fear itself thing...I was scared spitless when I saw this guy. I have lived here on the farm for almost eight years, and had never seen one before. I think that is the grace of God. In my estimation, those creepy things should live in hell right along with the worst serpent of them all--satan!

Lord Jesus, help me deal with the things I fear --both in everyday life and in the christian life. I know so little about some things, yet I do know that You have given us the power over things. Help fear not to rule my life, but help me to know that Your word is true and I can trust You when you tell me "fear not."

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Yes, I read your blog and you inspire me.
God Bless,
Gloria Wilford