Saturday, September 20, 2008

Busy week

I can't imagine that this is all that I accomplished this week. I feels like about ten times more than that. I am so glad to have that done. It will be wonderful this winter!

I ended up with 16 jars of apple butter, yummmm. I also did another batch of tomato juice, I did pickled peppers, one batch of "hot" and one batch of "mild". I then canned chicken. I got 17 pints, although I only processed 16 0f them.

I really like to can. It's one of those things that I can do by myself, with the house all quiet, I can do laundry in between batches, or what ever else I need to do like run the sweeper. All of which I did yesterday between batches.

Yesterday was Micah's 24 Birthday. Wow, he's getting old!

We are so proud of him! We found out that he will be ordained on January 11, 2009, so we'll have to visit Virginia for that! He has quite a testimony, from a shy quiet guy not one to "rock the boat", to a real "boat rocker" in high school. He decided that when he went back to school in his sophomore year he didn't want people to look at him and think about him being Liz's brother, the girl that was murdered. He didn't want their pity! He wanted to be popular, and to be known by his peers. He then started to step out and try some things that we truly had no idea that he was doing.

He was drinking, and we had no idea. He was very good at hiding it. Of course after we moved to the farm, he had his own house, that he referred to as the shed, (I affectionately called it the "chicken house", just to bug him.)
Anyway, he could cover it up pretty well. Parents: don't think "Oh, I'll know if my kids are doing things they shouldn't be." That is what Jeff and I thought. We would certainly notice if our kids are doing things like drinking or drugs. We'd know what to look for since Jeff and I did both things! WRONG. We were so fooled! He continued drinking even at college. He went to a christian college, we thought it was safe there...

There was a "group" of partiers there and he found them.

He did that up until his sophomore year. He started out as a business major, but before his sophomore year began knew that was not what he was called to. He was going to transfer to Mount Vernon Nazarene University, so he could be closer to home and to his girlfriend. (That relationship came to an abrupt end in the spring. Blamed on Micah's poor choices.) After going to MVNU during the summer and signing up for classes, paying the transfer fees, getting roommates and so on, he decided upon leaving MVNU and heading home that he needed to stay at IWU.

I was with him for that trip. It was a "God thing" anyway. While we were there I met a woman named Helen, and that led to sharing my testimony with her. She then asked me if we would be willing to share our testimony at a camp in Crooksville. We agreed, and did so later in the summer. From that point we got another phone call from someone that heard us at that camp, and wanted us to share at their church in Lancaster Ohio. That was a blessing because we had many raised hands at those meetings! God used our visit to MVNU to touch at least 400 lives! Micah allowed God to turn his life around. He changed his major to Worship Leading, and is now on his way to being Worship Pastor! God is good!!!! That's the story in a "nutshell".

Chris now resides in the shed when he is home. It is not much to look at on the outside but really nice inside.

Needless to say, our children are less than perfect (don't tell them that) and we most assuredly are far less than perfect parents, but God uses willing vessels. As the saying goes "God does not call the equipped, He equips the called". Glory to God!

If I have lost you somewhere along the line...Sorry! I do have a habit of going off an rabbit trails.,.,.,.,.,

See, here is further proof: Did anyone see the sky this morning? It was beautiful. I know "red sky at night sailors delight, red sky at morning sailors take warning" or something close to that. But honestly is was awe inspiring.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurrrrricane Ike

Wow, I am still amazed at the way the hurricane came through Ohio.We had a lot of trees down at the farm, maybe 20-25. We had a large limb crash down on the living room roof, thank God no damage though. One good thing that came from the high winds was that I didn't need for Jeff to get the back hoe out so we could get the apples from the top of the tree. God brought them down to me, and they are simmering in a 12 quart canner on the stove! Ummm yummy. I'm going to make apple butter!

It smells really good as it cooks.

I heard from the publisher yesterday.

I received an e-mail from a new person stating that "Sue", that I had been working with is no longer with them. Plus she took my e-mails with her! So, they had nothing I had sent! I had to resend my manuscript, and book proposal... and now, I get to wait some more. Happy happy joy joy 8>(

I am getting worn out in the waiting department.
I have yet another meeting for Medicaid for my Dad. I am getting weary doing things for him. Soon I have to have another evaluation for him from Passport services, they said the paperwork is in the

Micah's ordination will be on January 11, 2009. It seems like a long time from now, but it'll fly.

I was asked to speak at another meeting this past Sunday. A friend from church (Beth) has asked me to come and speak to the Highland seventh grade girls. I had the opportunity to do that about two years ago, and it was a real privilege and blessing. I hope this one will be also.

On to lighter topics... remember I mentioned that out Beagle, Buzz, loves to curl up in the pillows on the couch, only I couldn't prove it... well check this out-------> What a spoiled puppy! Hey, today is his Birthday! He is 9 years old today.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today is September 11.

Remember those who lost their lives seven years ago today. Fly your flags with pride in our country, and for those whose lives were/are given to protect this country.

Let's show a little pride and forget the political lines. Let's all agree. Even if it is only for one day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall is in the air

Wow, it is really COLD outside this morning! Brrrr. It certainly seems that fall has arrived. Of course, the Fair is next week so what did I expect?

I have pulled out the boxes of fall decorations from the basement, and the barn loft, so I am nearly done with my "harvest" decorating. we do not celebrate Halloween, but I most certainly do celebrate the harvest!
I do live on a farm you know!

Here is my dining room table, I have so many fall tablecloths, I have to try to use them all before I get my Christmas stuff out. It is a challenge, but one I feel I must accomplish, see I told you I am sick!

Here is part of my 'collection" of fall serving dishes. I have to coordinate, everything goes together just like my clothes! UGH, I am sick! I have a few more in the refrigerator with food on them(for the party). Sometimes when I think about my penchant for coordinating I just shake my head! Well Mary my friend, you do refer to me as your disgustingly coordinated friend. I'm afraid it only gets worse!

I so love the colors. I have so many things to put out, that it would look pretty junky if I put them all out, so I have chosen some of my favorites.
Take notice of the pictures above the fireplace. Yep those are my "babies". They are kinda hard to see, but just know that there are three good-looking guys in those pictures! Here are the ages: the one on the left, Micah will be 24 on the 20th. of this month, the one in the middle, Christopher is 19 1/2, and Jordan just turned 21. Sooooo.... I had to make this picture a bit larger than the rest so you could see a few details... (ha!)
This is my entertainment center complete with my Mr and Mrs Scarecrow on the right.

I was having a party on Monday night, but it got cancelled at the last minute because my hostess' husband was in the ER. I hope he is doing better! That is why I hurried my decorating, so I would be fully coordinated for the party.

Note the rust colored pillows on the couch/sofa whatever you want to call it. Our dog Buzz LOVES them. He gets up and burrows under the pillows, or plops on top of them. Oh is he spoiled! I tried to get him to pose, or at least prove I am not fibbing, but he wouldn't get out of the recliner!
And you thought I was kidding?
I think I will be starting a new writing project, well actually I have started. I am writing a series of children's books. Guess who the "star" will be? Jeff gave me the idea about a week ago, and it really clicked! We'll see if this gets faster responses than the other book I wrote. Yep, I am STILL waiting to hear from the publisher. SEVEN WEEKS, yes, 7 and still no word. I have e-mailed them twice, but have received NO response to the e-mails.
No wonder some authors are kinda weird, eccentric. The publishers have done it to them. They were completely normal when they started writing!
GriefShare began last week. This is the 7th. cycle that I have facilitated. I am so touched when people share with me how this support group has helped them through grief. Last night one of the attendees said she wished that we would have GriefShare every night. It is really ministering to her! Hallelujah! I am attempting to incorporate new ideas for each cycle, so that if we have attendees repeating the sessions they won't get bored. This group has really opened up and shared their hearts from the very first meeting. That is wonderful, and tough to accomplish sometimes. Nevertheless, what a blessing it is to me to be able to facilitate! I grow more each time!
I have so much to do today. I have been busy arranging for my dad to get home health care that I have not gotten several things done. My dad arrived home from the nursing home on Monday afternoon. All three of us are trying to get things done for him, even though he didn't do much for us while we were growing up.... but that is another loooooong story. I won't go there now. The tomatoes and peppers are screaming at me from the garden, so I need to run!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another new look

It's still me, just a new look!

Is it really September?

I simply cannot believe that summer is over. This past Friday we took Christopher to school. Actually he drove too, but we had to take my van to take the furniture he and Jordan wanted since futons and recliners do not fit in very full Jetta's!

I cannot believe that we are "empty nester's" again. It was pretty nice having Jordan and Chris home for the summer, and Micah will be here late Thursday night. He has a wedding that he is singing in over this upcoming weekend.

Jeff and I went to the lake again on Saturday morning. We took Buzz with us again. Buzz seems to have adjusted pretty well to "life on a houseboat", but I am still suffering with vertigo. I seem to be fine while I am on the boat, it's the days after I am off that I am totally messed up. Anybody have any suggestions? I tried Dramamine... NOPE, it didn't work! I just feel kinda loopy.

I am gearing up for the new cycle of GriefShare that will begin tonight.It will be at NewPointe Community Church, at 7PM to 8:30-9 depending on how many people are there and if our discussion lasts a while longer. I am not sure how many will be attending, but it never fails to be just the right people that God wants there. It's tough sometimes because I get so involved with these folks, they feel like family. It's hard when they no longer need to come to the sessions as they are able to move on. I miss them all terribly! I am excited to see God move in the lives of those that will be there. I am excited about each time we have a new cycle. God gives me new ideas about special things to do to help people understand what is happening. There are so many different layers to grief, and just when you think you are "through", something else happens and you suddenly feel that you have made no strides to getting past the first struggle.

I think the thing I love the most is when you see a person or people start to really participate, and then after a few sessions, you are able to see and hear that they are growing in grace, and that the healing process is once again moving ahead. Sometimes we feel like we get stuck, and we'll never get any better, then God takes us by surprise and our spirit begins to soar. It is like watching a butterfly emerge from it's cocoon. It is a slow process, and you cannot rush it. Only when the butterfly has had sufficient time to emerge, shake out it's wings, let them dry, and then it can fly. NOT BEFORE! If you touch a butterfly's wings before it flies it will NEVER be able to! The oils from our hands, and the removal of the protective coating that God puts on the wings will be destroyed. I want to be the the branch it rests on as it grows stronger, and then launches from.

Well since it is September, I suppose I should accept the fact that Fall is soon to arrive. I love the colors of Fall. I am planning to get my Fall decorations out this week, I have a ton of plain pumpkins, and colorful leaves and arrangements. I get my mums and a scarecrow or two. The only thing I don't like about Fall is that Winter is soon to follow! UGH!!!!!!!!!

My projects are mounting, but I'll get the guest room started soon, and then the hallway. I have many Christmas projects I need to work on. I am having a Silpada Jewelry party next Monday night. If you'd like to come let me know! You're welcome.

I am preparing to help with the 1st Wednesday dinner preparation at church tomorrow. I'm not sure what Jean has in mind to serve, but trust me when I say it'll be really good. Jean has quite a talent and flair when it comes to these things. We will be having Married Life Live in less than two weeks, and she really goes to town then! Ummm yummy stuff. It is a lot of work for her, and for everyone that helps, but it has been a "raving success" each and every time. If you are interested go to for details.

I have so much to do today, so I need to cut this short. Sorry it's been a while since I updated, just to busy with college prep, canning and life in general. More soon.