Monday, October 27, 2008

A lazy kind of day

One of my favorite things to do on a day like today is to go through cookbooks! I love cookbooks! I collect them... of course I collect dust too! I was trying to decide what to make for our company Christmas party. Then after Jeff came home form work we talked and decided that we may not have the party after all. With the way the economy is going it's expensive.

I made sure that when we designed my "new" kitchen at the farm we would include a built in bookshelf in my island. I had seen it in an old Taste of Home cooking magazine, and loved it! (Above) Of course I have more than filled it and have had to add several (minus the pile I was going through) to another shelf in my kitchen. (Left) That table was originally for my crocks/tureens. It is turning into a cookbook table!

And you should see the collection that my mother-in-law has.....oooooooohhhhhh! It puts my collection to shame.
I started to change the clothes in my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter. I haven't gotten very far, just piles in my room... to be put on hangers and placed in my already over stuffed closet. Farm houses are not known for having a lot of closet space. If you know me you know that I love clothes... and shoes...and jewelry.. which means that I do not have the space I used to have at our old house for my "stuff". That is one of the things that I miss the most about our old house my walk in closet, and another is the attached garage.

I started this blog three times now- in between times of writing I have been working on the piles of clothes UGH!!! And watching it snow. Yes that's right S-N-O-W that nasty cold wet stuff that happens in the cold brrrrr winter months YUCK.

Yes, I know that there are people that love the cold and snow (I have a son that does-I used to think he was a bright boy...) Sorry son! It can be beautiful, but it really lasted a LONG time last year! I don't like to go out in it especially if there is ice. I am afraid of falling. I have had two back surgeries and cannot afford a fall.

We just got a call from our second son that is attending IWU. He was pretty excited because he found out that he was accepted into the program in Zambia, Africa for the May term this year. Now all he has to do is raise about $4200.00 .... I better do a lot more writing. Anybody have any ideas what I can write about? Maybe a "how to" book on how to raise money in a recession...

Perhaps I need to take opportunity to to shoot one or two of these critters that showed up outside of my dining room last week. I was wondering if Thanksgiving dinner was just going to walk into the dining room for me. I was pretty amazed that they would get so close to the house. there were actually 14 of them but I didn't get them all in the shot. Our dog, Buzz, thought it was pretty interesting. He sniffed and sniffed after they meandered away. Here is a picture of them as they walk past two grills on our deck. Do you think they were intimidated? No way! Here is a picture of Buzz sniffing the area. He decided to chase after them several hours later. I have had to holler at him several times as he thinks he's allowed to go after them.
It appears he now thinks he's a turkey dog, rather than a rabbit or squirrel dog. My was he upset.
Jeff thought it was a good time to take a shot at them when they appeared again yesterday
afternoon. He thought he hit one, it acted like he got it, but then it ran for the woods about 1000 yards away from the house. NOPE, no fresh turkey yet. Maybe I'll go get my turkey permit and get one. I can sit on my porch and shoot it! I'll feel like Granny Clampett. Ha!
Well, I'm feeling the urgency to finish the pile of clothes on my bed, then I am done for now. I have every intention of sleeping in my bed tonight and as long as my skirts and slacks are piled up I can't see that happening.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moravian Women's Conference

Welcome to Girlville with Kim Bolton was a wonderful experience! It was a time of fellowship with sisters in Christ. Some I knew, some I didn't. Kim has an amazing way of incorporating scripture into her message, or rather she says she OWNS it. Once she has it memorized she can claim it as her own. Something God created for her! (us too). She reminds me of Dr. Jack VanImpe. He is referred to as the walking Bible. He has so many scriptures committed to memory it is incredible! The same is true for Kim. She mixed it up with personal stories, beautiful songs, and funny, funny anecdotes! Yes, she is the PMS Queen (you must read her book Conversations at the Girlville Diner to understand) I loved it!

I had the opportunity to share our testimony today. It went well... THANK YOU JESUS! I feel so privileged to have been asked to be a part of the first conference. It is exciting and humbling. In preparation for what I shared, God very kindly pointed out a few things in my life that needed a bit of attention, well actually less attention. It was not something I found to be fun (it kind of reached up an bit me)I know that God has more than one purpose in showing me those things, and my sharing them with everyone today. Just be careful when you pray : "Lord help me to have clean hands and a pure heart". God will take your request, and answer it!

It was an awesome experience to be involved on the same Conference as Kim Bolton, as well as the Circle Of Friends Worship Team! Girls, you did great job of ushering us into the presence of the Lord as we prepared to hear the messages!

I am pretty excited too that I actually won one of the prizes offered by COF. I won several things, but the one I am really excited about is the complimentary ticket to the A Night of Real Christmas, featuring Kim Hill and Lisa Harper! It will be at NewPointe Community Church on November 21! You can log on to the Friends Radio (site at the side of my blog for more information. I will try to attach more info on that soon.

Thanks to all of you that were praying! God heard and answered!

I had opportunity to share lunch with Kim, Lisa, my friend Sally, an new friend Jo, and a couple other lovely ladies at our table. What a fun time that was. Kim was a hoot. (Kim, if you read this I am still praying for Jeanette I hope it was a blessing for you all today.)

Well, I can feel the sand in my eyes, and exhaustion knocking on my door. I'll be back soon with more goodies to share with you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yesterday I finally began work in the guest room! I couldn't stand it any longer. I have tried to be attentive to Jeff. To be available if he needed something. However, yesterday I started to do something. I stripped the boarder off. It may not sound like much, but the process took several hours. It was one of those boarders that the adhesive on the back was really good! It also was a vinyl paper, which makes it hard to remove easily. I will wash down the walls today, patch the holes (there must be about 50 holes...) Then I can paint! Woo-Hoo!

The downside to all of that is my shoulders and elbows ache! The Fibro is really kicked up today. Jeff warned me, but I couldn't stand waiting another moment!

This morning, Jeff went to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of our part time guys stopped by to pick him up, and he'll put in a half day. I feel like my old self -for a few hours anyway. I have to take him to the doctor this afternoon. Hopefully he'll be released to go back to work part time ...maybe.

I have so many things to do, so this is a short post. I'll keep you posted on the progress in the guest room.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am so excited! I got my mail today and what should I receive? It was my first paycheck for writing something that will be published in July of 2010. Sounds like forever at this moment, but when you think about it it's almost 2009. UGH!
I was going to show you the whole thing, but I didn't want to reveal to much personal information. I can't say I am rich, but it's the first paycheck I have gotten since I left NewPointe church 16 months ago.


Jeff is feeling much better. We went for a walk around the farm tonight. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:

It was an absolutely beautiful day today. I spent quite a bit of time on the computer today working on editing. I am helping to edit and choose devotionals to go in a devotional that Our Circle of Friends is going to publish. It's a lot of fun.

Well, one more week until the Moravian Women's Conference where I will be sharing. If you would please pray I would be grateful.

Our boys will be coming home next week for their fall break. I am looking forward to seeing two of the three. We won't see Micah until Thanksgiving, unless we decide to visit him.

It's time to relax, so enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jeff... minus his appendix

Jeff and I thought you might enjoy seeing him in various stages of his plight... In this picture he is eating his lunch before we left the hospital to come home. (Don't worry the urinal is on a different table than his tray)

In the next pictures taken just mere minutes ago, Jeff thought
you'd like to see how how he appears to be a pin cushion. Complete with the expression he deemed worthy of the moment! He said "Honey, I think this is blog-worthy" Right now he is suffering more with shoulder pain that we were told was caused by the gas they used, rather than the actual surgery. He said that is more painful than the appendicitis.
He is home (obviously) less than 24 hours after surgery. He has spent a large portion of his time this morning on his feet, just standing, or walking around. He can breathe better if he is standing. The pain in his shoulder causes him to not be able to breathe well when he is sitting.
I hope no one is offended by the pictures.
Thanks to all of you for praying, and for the calls and messages sent!
Jeff also pointed out that my last two blogs sort of cancelled each other out. I had to laugh. I didn't have much to say, then I am complaining about my week in the very next one! Oh, well. I think I prefer dull!

Friday, October 3, 2008

OK, I'm ready for dull

Oh my goodness this has been some week! I just got home from the hospital about 45 minutes ago. Jeff had to have his appendix removed!We had a terrible scare yesterday thanks to a LOUSY phone scam! (I won't go into it here) I locked my keys in my van on Wednesday..... just a few things to give you the picture! We are in need of PRAYER!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nothing much to say

I have a terrible way of complaining about people not updating their blogs often, and here I am not having updated since September 20...

I can't say I have a lot to blog about at the moment, but I'll give it a "whirl" and maybe something I say will either touch a nerve, or make someone laugh!?

It certainly feels like Fall is here with a vengeance this morning it's cooooold out there! Brrrrrr. I'm sure that that will cause the leaves to turn color more rapidly. I don't think there was frost last night, but it was really cold. I'll try to go out and take a picture of the house and the trees to post on here, just so you can get an idea of what I see on a daily basis.
Since I am mostly done with the canning, I am getting the itch to do some crafty stuff in preparation for Christmas. I have quilting to finish from last year. I pieced a bunch of things to give as gifts, but I never quilted them, so I need to finish those. I also want to get busy in the "guest room". I have yet to even clean it because I have been busy working on canning and meetings for my father to arrange medicaid, and home health care... it's been a pain (rabbit trail) any way, I need to get my creativity flowing again.

I have most of the stuff I need to do the room, I just have to tear off the boarder, scrub the walls, paint here are a few more pictures of the stuff I have collected for the room: The paint color is on the far left it is called Homestead Resort Pale Olive I am using quilts to pick up the colors that I will accent with. These pictures are a bit blurry, but I think you can get the idea. I absolutely loved the way a friend of mine Tina at March 4, 2008 posting and her friend Vernita decorated with the quilts. In the picture titled Showcase your collection. I have these three quilts (on the right) I purchase on e-bay, along with three more I already have in the linen cupboard that I intend to use.
I am pretty excited and I hope everything will all come together in actuality, like it is in my head. The furniture that I will use is so far all antique. You can see a portion of the chest of drawers in the above picture, and here are two other pieces I will be using. My great-grandfather made these two

pieces. So far I have everything all stacked up or in the closet here, but I intend to get to it in the next few weeks. I'll post a finished picture when I get it done. I want to have it done by Thanksgiving. Micah will be home along with Jordan and Chris, and that is the room Micah will be staying in. So, I guess that will give me about 7 weeks to finish it. I still need to find twin beds. I have one mattress, but nothing else.

I just remembered that I have an antique rocker in the barn loft that will be a perfect match for the room. It was given to me by an old friend about 20 years ago. Ok, now I am getting excited. I want to go start working on the room, but I can't. I have to go into work at our business. Blah!

Bummer, I need to get moving! Hopefully something of my progress to post soon!