Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas

As I finish preparing for Christmas and all of the festivities before and after, I am reminded that there is only ONE reason for this celebration and that is to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

These past many days have brought with them many changes to our world, and to our lives personally.

On December 9th Jeff's dad, Jim Reiser passed away at the age of 86. Jeff had the opportunity to go to Michigan and visit with him during his last good hours. It was good for both of them and Jeff felt God urging the visit. It had been many years since Jeff has seen his father because of Jim moving to Northern Michigan. So glad he made the effort as it was rewarded. We will be having a private memorial service to celebrate his life this coming week.

Everyone in this nation was affected by the horrible death of the 26 people in Newtown Connecticut. My heart hurt so badly for those children, and their parents as well as the adults that died protecting those babies. The only consolation I am able to find in my heart is that I know those children are safe in the arms of God. I tend to forget that evil is so rampant in this world. I get busy with "life" that I don't think about how tragedy occurs daily. Yes, our family was struck with this twelve and a half years ago with the abduction and murder of our daughter, Liz.

I guess I close myself off from things to help hold grief at bay. It's so difficult knowing that my life will never be the same as it was. I miss Liz so much. I miss her giggle. I miss her perfume. I miss her excitement about life. I miss her hugs. I am looking forward to seeing her again in Heaven.

I grieve for those parents that lost children. My heart hurts for them. I wish as most of us do that there was something I could do to help them. I wish my book was published so I could share our story and perhaps it could help someone deal with their loss.

OK. I am done being melancholy.

I need to focus on the blessings that we do have. Our family, our new home and the love of good friends.

I have children coming home in the next two days so I must close this post for now. Merry, Merry Christmas.

I pray that you all have a Christ filled Christmas, and a healthy and Happy New Year.