Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Maestro

Last Thursday while we were doing our radio program for Circle Of Friends, we were talking about seeing God as the conductor of a great orchestra, or symphony. Now, it just happened that my co-author, and friend, Mike was listening to the broadcast that day. He excitedly sent me a text message as soon as it was over and mentioned that comment.

He then made the suggestion that I take that comment, and allow God to do just that with a particular chapter that I was working on. I got this sudden thrill in my heart and just knew that I had to get home from work and write just as fast as I could. I didn’t hesitate once I walked in the door. Oh my!

As I sat down, I began with just a few words and then I closed my eyes and whispered a prayer for God’s anointing. As I sat there things began to flow. I could see in my mind the very thing that I was writing about. I could see God step up to the platform just as a conductor does. He was standing before a full orchestra. Quietly, and with such an air of expectancy I watched. He looked at everyone and they watched with rapt attention. Waiting for His cue. He raised his baton and the sweetest sound came forth from those instruments. I knew in my heart that it was more than just a simple melody.

It was Liz’s song. It was so familiar to me, but new. As I sat in awe of what I was seeing and hearing, I felt God speak to my heart and tell me that all that I have been striving to do, in the writing of this book about my precious daughter, Liz, He has been directing it and preparing it for the exact audience that needs to hear it. It is a melody that will linger in your mind and heart.

Oh my. I was so overcome with the possibility that I just sat and sobbed. I know that God has plans for me, and for what He has given me to do, but even more than that, He has plans for ALL of us.

We all have a story, whether we think we do or not. Why not let God be the one that directs us and makes our story into a beautiful symphony that will minister to the hearts and ears of those listening?

Yes, be still and know that He has a plan for you!