Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hello? Is there anyone out there?

My days have been full of edits, holidays and a son getting engaged. I am so excited about everything.

I do have one detail that I can hardly wait to share. It looks like my book will be released at the end of February!!! (Bar any major changes/problems)

The wedding will be August 30, 2014.

Which means that I am going to be busy. Gotta line up book signings, appearances, speaking engagements and lose a ton of weight before the wedding. That means...ugh I hate to even write the word, let alone do it....EXERCISE.

Since my last posting way back in October, I have had blood work done, and I am happy to say that since changing to gluten free eating it has made a HUGE difference! My thyroid is great, my blood sugars are right on, my cholesterol is great...I still feel lousy, but Dr. thinks it is from the fibro.

So, there you have it my friends.

I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a blessed Christmas, and soon a prosperous and healthy New Year.

I will post the information about book availability and where you can purchase it. It will not be available for presale, but you will be able to get it through Amazon. Wahoo.

Keep checking back for updates. I tend to put most updates on my facebook pages, so if you are on fb, send me a friend request or like my author page "Becki Reiser Through My Tears"