Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello? Anybody out there?

I feel more than guilty that I have allowed this blog to fall by the wayside. My faithful followers (both of you) have never complained, or questioned. It's life, and age, and menopause.

I listened to an interview I did with Carol Graham from Never Give Up Hope, and realized that if anyone tried to find my blog that they would see that it has been two and a half years since I wrote anything on here. I have started a few, but never finished. I'm sorry.

So, life... Whew it's been a whirlwind the past three years.

Jordan and Brittany August 30, 2015

Micah and Rebecca August 23, 2015

Christopher and Stephanie September 3, 2016
Christopher and Stephanie's wedding in September of 2016. In between the wedding we have lost Jeff's mother, Jeff's step father, and my mother. This year, has been extra special with the addition of two grandsons! Jude Alexander in March, Jordan and Brittany's son, and August Lee arrived in June is the son of Micah and Rebecca.

Jude Alexander, March 2017
August Lee, June 2017
Jude Alexander

 Oh how my heart has been stolen by these two little guys!

August Lee

So yes, I am making excuses for not blogging much.

Life has a tendency to over take us and it certainly has. I am delighted with my sons and my beautiful daughter's in love, and over the moon in love with my grandsons!