Friday, May 29, 2009

It's the weekend again

Have you ever noticed that when you have a Monday holiday the week is all out of kilter? This week has been crazy.

I worked on Tuesday and that is different for me. I also worked last Saturday, I'll work this Saturday and also next Saturday... We have two weddings in June, and the writers seminar. So much for Saturday relaxation.

Today I got to go to lunch with two of my favorite people. Mary and Jean. We went to El San Jose ummmmmm, yummy guacamole and chips and a chicken burrito (minus the cheese and sour cream) allergies take a good part of the fun out of eating. It was a lot of fun catching up with people you don't see often. Thanks for lunch Mary and thanks for the paper and stickers too.

Have you ever been offended? I seem to have a very sensitive heart and take so many things personally. I noticed today that someone that used to have a link to my blog has deleted it from their blog. I was pretty hurt, but I'm sure they didn't do that to offend me or hurt me. Perhaps my blog is just to mundane and plain and they have tired of it. Oh, I hope not, but if that is true perhaps I need to write things that have a bit more "meat" in them.

I know I receive comments from only 1 person (thanks Tina) I know you still love me! I may not have meaty postings, but hey at least I am posting. Some of my blogging buddies haven't posted for a L-O-N-G time. You know who you are, I miss reading your blogs. I will leave your names on my list of blog friends...just in case.

Well, I now have a kitchen full of young men that are eating pasta and cooking steaks, so I think I will end this here for tonight. I'll post more over the weekend.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

This is probably a good thing, but I cannot believe how busy we have been this weekend. We just passed the 9 year mark since Liz's death this weekend. That is a difficult date to get past, but as I said on facebook, God's grace is sufficient! We once again have survived and we shall continue to thrive and grow. God has a magnificent plan!!!!

I am so blessed!

Christopher got home on Wednesday and is officially a junior in college! He just finished May term.

Jordan got home Thursday evening from Zambia, Africa. What stories he has and how God touched him while he was there! IT truly was life changing for him. Thank you all for your contributions. Whether they were financial, or prayer or both we are MOST grateful! He is healthy and happy. He will be leaving next weekend for Evansville, IN. for his job at St. Mary's hospital. Thank God he found a job!

Micah is doing great in VA. HE will celebrate his second anniversary at Cornerstone Chapel on June 1. Once again, God is good!

Here on the home front we have our garden in (except for my beets and the potatoes...I know those should be in. Oh well. We now have two kinds of corn, three kinds of beans, two kinds of peas, two kinds of onions, carrots, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, thyme, basil, parsley, catnip, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, rhubarb, zucchini... and of course weeds!

We got all of the flowers in and all of the flower beds cleaned out, and mulched. We have put the red mulch on this year. Something different for a change. We didn't go hog wild on flowers. so the colored mulch helps brighten it up.

We had my mother over for lunch yesterday, and will be leaving shortly for a cookout. We also attended two graduation parties on Saturday.... whew! No wonder I'm tired. I will be meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow, going to calling hours for another friend's father. I will work tomorrow afternoon/evening at SpringHaven. Funeral on Wednesday, collapse on Thursday (ha) like I will have time to do that.

I have writing to do!!!!! My conference was wonderful. God has now provided a friend to work with me on Through my Tears. Continue to pray for that! This is an amazing job that God has placed in front of me, and I am ever so grateful for my friend that is helping me as well as my writing group! We are sponsoring a writer's seminar on June 26-27. Watch the paper and also listen for the ads on 95.9 FM... if I get me self in gear!

I better scoot. We have to leave in a few minutes! Happy Memorial Day!

A Huge Thank You to all of the Veterans! God Bless YOU!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm here!

I find it hard to believe I am actually in Colorado! So far the conference has been great. I am sort of playing hooky at the moment....oops!

Actually I needed some down time, and they encourage you to take the time if you need to. So I am doing it with permission. I have heard so much good stuff I am on overload. I need to gather the troops to re-group so to say.
So far, I have had appointments with one author, one publisher, one editor, and two agents! I feel good about the positive comments,but no one is saying they will take me on. I have two people that want me to send them my proposal,and my manuscript after I do more work on it. They were very kind in their commenting. I once again have so many things to do, and since I have had so MANY wonderful sessions I have much to do. But I have more direction!!!!!!!!!

Here are pictures I took just about a minute ago looking out of my window in my room. They are a bit "funky" since I had a screen on the window that is not removable. Yes that is snow that you see! I am in utter astonishment at the work of

God just outside my window. Isn't God amazing?
I have been having sleep issues. I have found that there is a new syndrome that I suffer from...mountain buggers, and dry mouth. I know go ahead and laugh. But last night when I woke up for the second time having a panic attack because I couldn't breathe it wasn't funny at all!

I guess I can overlook the issues just to be able to see the grandeur all around me!

I will ask you to continue to pray for me. I want God's perfect will in all of this. I know it is sometimes a fight between God and Becki, but in the end, I want God to be the victor!

In the meantime, I have another continuing session I have to go to at 5:00 with Virelle Kidder.

WOW, what an awesome lady!

I am really enjoying her class. I love to listen to her talk, and sometimes find myself scrambling to take notes because I am so involved in listening.

Any way, I will try one more time to blog while I am here I'll include more pictures too!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am checking off the list!
  1. Bags packed
  2. Laundry (in process)
  3. House straightened
  4. Computer battery charged
  5. copied e-mail list
  6. bought flash drive(and filled it)
  7. camera battery charged
  8. phone charged
  9. groceries purchased
  10. Made copies of all the stories, proposals, and my manuscript.
  11. list done for Jeff (he'll be thrilled)
I have one more full day to finish my list, plus treat myself to a manicure. (with Jeff's permission)

I am so psyched!!

I am also thrilled because I received beautiful roses from Micah for Mommies day, a wonderful phone call from my youngest son, Chris and he said "thanks for being the best Mom ever!"
E-mails from Jordan, spent time with family and just had a great day.

The evening before... Saturday.We went to a wedding. The daughter of very good friends, who just happened to be friends with Liz. Matter of fact she and Liz were the same age. What a beautiful event it was! A true class act!

Linda (the brides mom) is also in our small group, she is so special and is so very thoughtful. After the wedding as we went through the receiving line, we were talking and she informed me that she had something "special" at my plate at the reception. When we got there this is what I found: She was very teary eyed as she told me that.

The fragrance of the tea rose and the lilies of the valley are so sweet.

God certainly has ways of making me feel so very loved and cared for!

We are certainly blessed by all of our friends. Mother's Day is always a bit rough, but this year so many of our friends helped to make it special. With love and hugs, and special facebook messages and fb flowers and cards too.

Thanks to all of you that care so much! We feel so loved!

Thank you for all of your prayers and the phone calls since my last post!

I will not be blogging until I get to Colorado. Keep praying! I'll keep you all posted as to the progress I am making at the conference.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gearing up

Well, it's gonna be a really busy weekend and week. I have been preparing for a L-O-N-G time to go the the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. I will be catching my plane on Wednesday morning, and returning the following Monday. I am so excited. I wish I had gotten more writing done, but my schedule has been crazy for the past several weeks. I know I am a procrastinator in some ways, but I still have the OCD habit of list making and preparing for SOME things.

To bad it's not more prevalent in some of my other situations... Oh well!

I received a hastily written e-mail from Jordan on Wednesday. He is fine and having an amazing time of opportunity to work in the hospitals and help set up a new clinic a couple of hours away from where they have been. For those of you that have been praying I thank you from the bottom of my heart (well actually all of my heart, not just the bottom). Please continue. If you have not been praying I ask that you start!

This will be the first time in 26 years that I will not have any of my children home for Mother's Day. It's kind of rough and makes me want to cry, but I know that I'll see at least 2 of them in the next couple of weeks.

All of a sudden I feel like bawling my head off..... I'll be right back.


Ok, I think I have collected myself for the moment.

Back to reality. I just received an e-mail about my transportation from Denver Airport. It seems that I will be riding with a woman (she shall remain nameless for the moment) that is a pretty experienced writer and speaker!

Hmmmm, Lord did You set this up????? Perhaps I'll be able to glean from this opportunity. Hallelujah Lord and thanks! Marjorie I appreciate your efforts to find me transportation. Way cool!

My mind is so full, but my tired body is arguing with it and I think the body is winning out. I'll try to post again before I leave. If any of my regular devotional writers have any submissions please send them ASAP. If you would like to submit a devotional to be posted on the Circle of Friends web site please let me know. You can e-mail me at for our submission guidelines for information and format. I'd love to hear from some of you!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Wow! I never imagined that I would have 10,003 people stop by to read my blog, but I just checked the counter I have at the bottom of my blog and sure enough....

Some of my friends do something really spectacular when it comes to their blog that reach a certain number. Like send the 10,000 visitor a hand made craft or something. Well folks, I'd love to announce that, but I have no special gift, and I actually have no idea of how to know who that person was anyway.

I just want to you all to know that I certainly appreciate all of you and for you to take to time to read my ramblings. This whole blog thing started a little over a year and a half ago as an exercise for my writing. I needed an outlet and a place to practice. So you my friends have been guinea pigs! I wish I would have blogged more often, but I cannot change that. However; I can attempt to blog more often in the future!

Ahhh, the future! I have so many thing I want to accomplish, I hardly know where to begin. Just keep your computer book marked to Through my tears, and I will keep you all posted. By the way don't be afraid to leave comments. It's not like you will get junk mail or phone calls for doing so. It would be really great to know who stops by to read this. What your thoughts are (truly) about what you have read.

So for the 10,000 person, THANK YOU! If I knew who you were maybe I'd do something special, but you didn't leave me a comment.... to bad! Maybe I'd send you something really special. Perhaps a book I have contributed to or one that I have written...hmmmm.