Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Circle of Friends radio

Okay, this is waaaay to much fun! This week I have had the privilege to be on the COF radio program on 95.9 The Light (WNPQ)

Libby and I are hosting the program all this week and I am having way to much fun doing this.

I was a guest on the show in June, and that was the first time I was ever on the radio. I had the opportunity to talk on the radio at the Tuscarawas County Fair a couple of years ago, but I saw the microphone and ran the other way. Sorry Kevin! Jeff was not the last bit intimidated and was happy to talk to Kevin. I made a bee line into the building, and never looked back!

Apparently I have gotten over my fear of microphones, because as you can see, there is a huge yellow mic in front of me!

Today's show was funny. I read the scripture from Proverbs 21:19 It is better to live alone in the desert than with a quarreling and complaining wife. We could hardly contain ourselves. It was hard to talk because we were laughing so hard. I know I had pictures in my head!

Honey, I am sorry if I have made you think that way! I don't want you to live in the desert.

Right now, the COF "fearless leader" Lisa is in Nashville recording an album to go along with the book "Meet me at the well" by my friend Virelle Kidder. I met Virelle at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference in May. She and Lisa had met the month before and had discussed the possibility of doing this CD. I am so anxious to hear it! Go Lisa!

Here is a picture of Libby and our producer, Missy.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Missy for inviting me to play! This week has been a lot of fun!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blessings and opportunities

I have been so very busy since my last entry.

Cleaning like crazy, had my boys home for several days, gardening, interviewing... the list goes on!

I had written on facebook yesterday that I was retracing the route that Liz and Brandi had taken that fateful, frightful night in May of 2000. I actually had 18 people write me notes after that entry. I want to thank every one for the prayers and support. I have a terrible fear of heights, and when it came time for us to cross that railroad trestle that crossed the Tuscarawas River I nearly had a panic attack. I was about 1/3 of the way across, and I froze. I was afraid to move. I couldn't turn around or go forward. It took some coaxing from a friend and a hand of support for me to make it the rest of the way. That was when I felt the prayers the most. I nearly had the experience of falling off of that trestle into the water myself. PANIC is not a good thing.

It certainly gave me new appreciation for Brandi's endurance nine years ago. My oh my!

The writing is coming along. It is sometimes almost overwhelming. I was ready to throw in the towel on Wednesday. Sometimes I get pretty weary in the battle, and that was one of those days. On Thursday, I received an e-mail from Creation House Publishing inviting me to resend my manuscript. That was certainly a boost to my heart! My writing partner was overwhelmed when I sent him the e-mail. His response? "WOW". Ha! That was all he wrote until later that evening. Then he responded with a few more words. He now knows that we are a TEAM and that God is on the TEAM with us! YAY God! I guess God is trying to let me know that HE is right there with us, and He is directing us and leading us in the writing of this book.

Mike has done some amazing writing, and never ceases to amaze me. He has gone the extra mile on so many occasions that I have lost count. What a blessing he is. His wife Linda has been cheering us on as well as giving us feedback and ideas. Jeff has been adding his own suggestions and support and a tear or two in the process. What a mighty God we serve! Just when I am ready to hang it all up He sends encouragement through many.

I am here at work this morning, we had a client cancel, so I had an extra minute to get this written. Please continue to pray for this writing effort. And I mean EFFORT! I had no idea what it took to write. I have learned so much, but you never know just how difficult it is to write (when you have no experience) until you step out and try. It is not quite like a job. You cannot always force the words to come, it is best to wait for God's timing and grace! Trust me it works much better that way.

Gotta run! Be blessed!!!