Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Between the weeks

Merry New Year...or Happy Christmas... or something like that! It is the week between the holidays and it always seems a little strange. I want Christmas to not be over already, and I am NOT ready to see another year end!

Last night my youngest son, Christopher, and a couple of friends left for Florida. Today my oldest son, Micah, will leave to go back home to Virginia. Jordan, my middle son will be in town for a while yet, although he is considering going to Virginia to visit his "big brother" for a few days.

I do have one of my most favorite people visiting me though and that helps to not be disappointed that my guys are leaving. I have my Emily here to visit! She arrived on Saturday evening, and is here until this Sunday!! We have spent some time together, but I have had to work on Monday and Tuesday. Today I have the day off, actually, I have the rest of the year off!!! Jeff and I throughly enjoying her visit.

How was your Christmas? Mine was great! I am using my best Christmas gift right now. Jeff and the boys got me a Macbook for Christmas and I am LOVING IT!!!

One of the not so great things that happened over the holidays is that my dad passed away and we had to have his memorial service on December 26. His ashes will be buried today. My brother wants my sister and I to go, but I am just wanting this to be over. He died on December 16, and it has taken this long because of out of town family, and then the weather. I am finding it difficult to have yet another thing to do.

Soon, it will be just Jeff and I here again. It will be way to quiet, but it will be back to normal for the two of us. We have finally gotten used to the boys coming and going. It is still sad to see them go, but I can watch them go with out balling like a baby. Jeff and I have our routines, and then they get "blown out of the water" when the family is here. I love it, but it's a tough adjustment too. Jeff is back to work... another short week. It's hard to get much done during this time of year. Hopefully business will pick up after the first of the year.

I have a thousand things I would like to get done, but will limit myself to the things that MUST be done. I hope all of you will have a happy and healthy 2010...sounds strange to day that.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Times a tickin...

It's is 11:03 PM only 57 more minutes till Christmas. Just want to tell all of you

Merry Christmas.

May you all have a blessed day as you remember to celebrate the birth of our Savior

Monday, December 21, 2009

Forging ahead

Good Monday morning. Thanks everyone for the prayers during this time. This time of the year is already stressful for everyone without a death to have to deal with. Believe me when I say I have certainly felt everyone's love and prayers.

I have come to the conclusion that if something does not get done...oh well! My baking is done. I cut that down by half! My gifts are now wrapped...I cut down the amount of gifts by about half. My house is still a mess, but I did get some help from two sons yesterday, and my wonderful hubby let us order Chinese for lunch after church. My brain is still in "fluff mode" and I have to go to work today, so I won't get much done.

I am the one that puts things on my to-do list. I am the one that has high expectations of what should happen, get done, or anything else that is causing the stress. I am NOT going to get upset!!!

I will do the necessities, and be satisfied...right?

Nevertheless, this is the Monday before Christmas and I am in high hopes that this week will be a blessing to one and all. Thanks for your kind words of love and support throughout this past year. Thanks for reading my blog, and for coming back to read my blog. Thanks for being my friends...whether we have met or not. This blog began as a "writing exercise" and has turned into much more than that for me.

The book? It's still being worked on when there is time. The other book... one chapter at a time...

I need to get busy with the necessities now, so I will close. If I do not have a chance to blog again this week, Merry Christmas to everyone! God's blessings and lots of love sent your way.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Dad

This past week has been a busy one, and difficult. On Saturday morning my dad had a heart attack. He seemed to be doing well and they were going to transfer him back to the nursing home where he has been for nearly a year. At about 4 AM yesterday, my dad passed away. We were a bit surprised but not shocked. His health has been failing for the past three years.

We would appreciate your prayers.

Friday, December 4, 2009

What to do...what to do?

Happy December4th! Yes, be amazed I am actually blogging again.

I figured since I got up at 4:45 I could do something creative. Since my body settled in front of the computer, this is what I came up with after reading the 42 e-mails, the newspaper, blogs, and anything I found that tickled my fancy. I find that getting up so early, makes me really tired! Ha.

I have worked everyday this week. That is very unusual for me as I work very PART TIME. Usually only a couple of times a month. For the next while I will be working more. Yay, I'll have some Christmas money...

I have today off. I am not sure what to do first. I want to go hunting (yes, I do that believe it or not) however, I am not in the mood to freeze my behind off, unless that is a permanent 'offage!'

I have Christmas shopping to do, baking to do, cleaning to do you name it. I just want to do nothing in some ways. Be creative! Yep that is what I want to do, be creative!!! Perhaps write a chapter today, or read a chapter or... take a nap!

Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30

Oh my word! It is November 30 already. I cannot believe that I have not blogged since the 5th. It has been a busy time, but I have also had limited time on the computer due to a rib being out of place. It proved too painful to sit here for any length of time. I am feeling much better now, but have a twinge every once in a while.Thanksgiving came off without a hitch (mostly anyhow) Good food, nice visiting with relatives you do not see often. The boys are back to school/work. Jeff just left for work, and I have things to do around here. Whew. I love having my guys home, I love them dearly...I am still cleaning up the remains of what was left in their wake. You tend to forget just how much mess that a family of five can make. Walk in the door walk to the nearest open spot and DUMP EVERYTHING.

I can finally see my dining room again. Between the piles that the guys brought, and the Christmas decorations it was a disaster. I do have my Christmas decorations up inside and some of them up outside. I got stopped outside for a couple of reasons. I had my small group coming over for a meeting at 6:30 last night, and the inside was still a mess. Plus the new lights I purchased for outside turned out to be for the inside UGH!!!! I did not notice when I bought them that they were for inside use only. BLAH.

So, I will be off to get some outdoor lights today. Then I am off to work tonight. Jeff will have some alone time tonight while I am gone. He will like that and he can surf the internet for homes for sale in Florida without my teasing him.

I will be hosting the final session in GriefShare tomorrow night, so I will be cooking all day tomorrow for the meal we will share before beginning the memory night celebration. Then 1st Wednesday at church on Wednesday night.

Thursday will be my big hunting day! Woot-woot! I have to go get my license today and a deer permit. I hope to get anything this year, be it doe or buck I will be happy... I will be sure to post the outcome.

I will be getting a visit from Em2 around the middle of the month. I am SOOOO excited. She will be staying with me this time, and we can talk till we can no longer form words from exhaustion. My happy thought!!!

On Monday evening the 7th of December I will once again host Surviving The Holidays you can see the post below this one for a short clip. It should be better attended than the first one this year. It has been advertised. I will take posters today to put up around town.

I have things to do around here, so I better get moving. I just wanted to let you know that I am still sitting up and taking nourishment! Perhaps a bit to much nourishment. The diet is back on today!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surviving The Holidays

Today I began to do some baking and preparation for the GriefShare Surviving The Holidays presentation that I will be hosting November 13 at 7PM at NewPointe Community Church. This is an amazing DVD and grief support class offered to people that have lost a loved one.

GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays from Church Initiative on Vimeo.

The holidays can be a very difficult time to get through, even if you have not lost a loved one, but imagine having to go through it with that special person no longer with you. It feels as though you have a hole in your heart that goes from the front of your body to the back and nothing can pass by it without falling through it. Like having a huge leak.

We tend to think that after so long a person should be "over it" and get on with life. Yes, we get on with life, but it feels as though we do it without an appendage. You do the best you can, but it just isn't the same!

Even after nine and a half years, my heart and mind go back to my daughter. Oh how she LOVED the holidays! She would begin listening to Christmas music in September, and she would hang Christmas lights up in her room then too! It is still one of the most difficult things that I have to deal with everyday of my life knowing that my Liz is not here.

Every person that has lost a loved one knows that feeling! The purpose for the Surviving The Holidays evening is to share with those people that it is okay to feel certain ways. It is okay to not do the same things you did when your loved one was alive. The holidays will be different. They will NEVER be the same as they were before! It is okay to say no to some of the invitations you receive. You do not want to hide from everyone and hide from life. You simply have to learn to limit yourself. You also must realize that you need to take care of yourself. You need time to rest. So many well-meaning friends and family will try to keep you so busy that you do not have time to grieve. That is NOT a good things to do. It will end up making things much worse.

This is the tenth Christmas we will celebrate without Liz, and each one I have learned certain things. I realized that first Christmas that I was being selfish. I hosted Christmas at our home for years, yet that first year, just seven months after Liz died, I simply did not have the heart to do Christmas. I was the one that wanted to escape! Then after all of the festivities were over, my boys said that they wanted to have Christmas at our house that next year. I never even considered how they felt about having one of their favorite activities taken away from them along with loosing their sister. My heart nearly broke when I found out.

The following year, and every year since, we have again hosted Christmas. No, it is not the same as it was when she was alive, but for my sons, it needed to be something familiar. It helped them with their grief.

That is just what is on my heart and mind today!

Yet, on that some note: I attended a meeting for Clergy at Aultman Hospital on Tuesday morning. The topic was grief! It was so very good and full of things I already knew, but also things that I did not. The grief offerings by Aultman seem to be very good. I never realized just hom much they offered. That is encouraging to me! Also the woman that was the speaker has designed a game called "Doggone Grief" It is an excellent way to help children deal with the emotions of grief. I am hoping to purchase one as soon as they are on the market. Awesome stuff. Thank you Brenda! So nice meeting several brother and sisters in the Lord!

I just hung up from talking on the phone with son, Jordan. He shared his testimony this morning at Indiana Wesleyan University. It was in a small venue, in the commons area, but nevertheless it was the first time he shared it in a large group. He said it went well. I am so proud of him!

Ummm, the smell of fresh pumpkin bread fresh form the oven is filling the house. I need to get back to my baking.

Blessings to you all!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The sun is not up yet- why am I?

It is 7:00 AM and the sun is not up yet. This is the last full week of "Daylight Savings Time" and that means that it will be much darker earlier in the evening. BOO! On the plus side it will get lighter earlier... you know what I'm saying. I know what the government claims about changing the clocks. I do live on a farm, but I cannot see that it matters one iota where the hands on the clock are! I am not a fan of the times changing. It throws me off for a good month, and I don't need any extra help in the "throwing me off" department!

With menopause already taking time out of my sleep, (all of you middle-aged women know what I'm talking about) now, the government takes a chunk too. Thanks a heap! The beauty sleep thing just is not working here...

So, since it is Monday what does my week look like? As of this moment I have a sink/counter full of dishes. I have been gone 80% of this weekend, so nothing got done. I was at a WONDERFUL Women's Conference that the Circle of Friends produced. It was awesome! My sister, Suzanne and I went together. It is great "sister time" and you get more time with the other sisters in the Lord! So, today will be catch-up day.

Tuesday- will be a day of finishing what didn't get done on Monday, and then my GriefShare group on Tuesday night. We are on session 8 in the 13-week cycle.

Wednesday- probably working at the plant for my hubby.

Thursday- Definitely working at the plant it's payday and I sign the checks, and do some invoicing, check who has/has not paid for their storage unit, and write eviction letters. ( I don't like to do that, but we have given them several months to make a consorted effort....

Friday- Staff meeting for SpringHaven (I may or may not go to this one) I will be sharing with the COF Girlfriends group. This is a group sponsored by the Circle Of Friends for young girls. This particular group is the Hiland seventh grade girls. This is the fourth year for this group, and this is the third year I am the speaker! We will be talking about peer pressure and choices.

Saturday- I work at SpringHaven.

Sunday- Church early service (I will be happy in the morning with the extra hour of sleep) even tho my internal alarm clock will have me up at 5 AM... We will be having small group that evening so we need to get ready for that. It will be a must have a nap day!

In between those things I will be doing all of my regular stuff...I think I may begin making my soups to can. Fall is here and it is soup weather!

Did mention that we went to Cleveland yesterday to see the Cleveland Browns lose? AGAIN...
I love to watch football (I didn't used to as a kid) hormones do crazy things to you... Anyway, I have been a huge Browns fan for years, and I continue to hold out hope that we will have a team that actually plays football when they go out onto that football field. That didn't happen yesterday.

Now, don't get me wrong. They did play ball for at least five minutes (trust me it was not any longer than that).

This whole thing came about spur of the moment (I am not thrilled in the least about spur of the moment things) I am a planner. Jeff decided yesterday morning to go to the game, and then tried to find tickets on Craig's list. (He did find tickets there, but received no response from the seller) so he went to the right spot to get tickets. Then we were ready to check out, I had typed all of the pertinent information into the little boxes. Jeff wanted to get a clear view of where the seats were and where we would pick up the tickets up, and he ended up clicking the wrong button and lost everything- including the seats! UGH! I was not happy and we were late for church. Jordan and I left with Jeff following after he called the people about tickets...By now I am trying to praise the Lord at church (which had already begun) I hate being late!!!!
Keeping my mind on things was not easy. However, Dwight had a great message ( which did help.

Jeff came in very late. I didn't ask how things went till after the service was over. I guess I sort of hoped we would not be going. I hadn't planned well enough for it. I grudgingly went home and threw on warm clothes, made a peanut butter sandwich (no time for the jelly) and grabbed a banana and we were off! We got to Cleveland with no problem. Got a little lost (only two blocks out of the way) turned around and found the hotel where the tickets were to be picked up. Got the tickets, backed the van a quarter of a block down E. 9th Street to the parking garage. Found a spot (can you feel my attitude?) Then we had to make the trek to the stadium. It wasn't all that far. However, when you have three men that have long legs, and one angry mom that has very short legs and an even shorter temper it can be a nasty combination.

We got to the stadium, then had to walk all the way around to the other side of the stadium, then once we were "frisked" by security....don't get me started on that one. We began the ascent up the ramp. And we kept going. Trying to side-step the puddles of beer on the ground spilled by the loud-mouthed and somewhat nasty mouthed fans, we continued walking, and walking and walking. Now, at this juncture I am tired, hot, hormonal and a bit hot under the collar, but I keep walking. Jeff keeps looking back at me and asking"are you OK honey?" Oh, I'm just dandy! NOT! My boys look down to my level which was getting lower simply by my attitude alone. We ended up going CLEAR TO THE STINKING TOP OF THE STADIUM! I'm hoping that since I am there, (not happily) that perhaps I would at least see a good game. I should mention my attitude began getting better once I got to my seat and I cooled off.

It would have been great, IF I was a Packers fan. I decided I would not be a good "Cheese Head" since I am allergic to milk! (My attitude is allergic to anything I am not 100% prepared for) Needless to say the only good plays the Browns had did happen at our end of the field (the nose-bleed section) but we seemed to be surrounded by folks that have either driven in from Wisconson, or have changed their allegiance from Cleveland to Green Bay. I do
believe that I will be rooting for another team next season.

I am ready to give up on my Brownies! They have not had a winning season since we were the old Cleveland Browns (before Art moved them to Baltimore) I have tried...really I have to support them. I watch them when I can get the channel, and I am the armchair quarterback kind of girl. I can tell them what they are not doing, what they should be doing and who they need to put in to play. It broke my heart yesterday to watch Brady standing on the sidelines. Granted he did not have great game or two at the beginning of the season, but heck, give the guy a chance! Now, Anderson...oh man it's just not good. I say put Josh Cribbs in as QB and see what happens. Hey, could it get any worse? I'm just sayin.

I guess I should take some of the blame (no I am not superstitious) but it seems every time I buy a bobble head of the QB, it's not a good thing. I am sorry Tim Couch and Brady Quinn! I promise to never buy another bobble head!

Run and hide Brady!

How did I get on this track? Oh well. Nothing spiritual on this posting folks. Sorry.

Pittsburgh Steelers here I come! Maybe if I quit rooting for the Browns they 'll start winning?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Moving right along

Just an update for anyone interested. My book Through My Tears is moving again. Between Mike and I, we have nearly completed seven chapters, with three more to go. The word count is growing and is approaching 43,000 words. We are hoping for about 60,000. I do not think we'll have a problem reaching that goal.

Please be praying for us as we approach the completion of this book. It has been a L-O-N-G process. Our goal as of this moment is to have a rough draft completed by mid December, or before. I would like to see it done yesterday, but reality is not in agreement...

We have a lot of interviews to complete for one of the chapters, and we will need for those folks to be willing to speak with us.

Then we will need to find an agent, that will find a publisher. Or we could just find a publisher on our own, but that is kind of tough. So, pray for wisdom for us too!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My very happy weekend

I'd like for you to meet the Emily's. I had such a lovely time this weekend. I was able to spend time with Emily1, Emily2, Missy and Adalie. Here are a few pictures of the girls.

I am so happy that we finally got to get together.

Emily2 as she refers to herself is in the center of the top picture.

Emily1 is in the second picture

Here, Missy is playing a game with EM1, JT, (Missy's son) and her daughter-in-law Beth.

Here is my sweet friend Em2

Oh happy day, here I am pictured with the Emily's! They have made such a difference in my life these last couple of months!

This relationship is not something I can easily explain. It is a friendship that began as an "oops" I'm not who you think I am , to a friendship forged by God and forever in my heart. Thanks God! I love you girls!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, what have you done to me?

It is Monday once again. Seems each one arrives an hour earlier than the one the previous week. I know I lose so many hours sitting right here in front of the computer.

I have so much to do today. In general and in preparation for next weekend. YAY EMILY!!!
(See previous post for explanation) I have MORE veggies from the garden that must be processed today or I will lose them. I have a house to clean, a couple loads of laundry and at least an acre or two to mow. Oh my aching back and joints.

I need to transcribe a tape from over nine years ago. I need to find a cassette tape player first...

I have "suffice it to say" way more on my plate than I can ever consume. Oh and speaking of consuming. I have started my diet again. BLAH! This time that last 30 pounds MUST come off! I want to be at a certain weight before I turn 50 in February. Sheesh I'm getting OLD!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Let me tell you about my two Emily's

A couple of months ago I was hanging around facebook (I tend to do that frequently) and on my friend Missy's page was a post from an Emily. Assuming it was her daughter, because of the comment made, I decided to write her a note and comment on her blog posts to a website that I also contribute to. Well, I received a post on my wall from Emily. Only problem (at the time) was that she told me she thought I had the wrong Emily, but that was OK. She then added me as her friend. I was so embarrassed, I apologized and wanted to slink away. I received another post from her, then I sent another, then... well you get the picture. Before the end of the day Emily and I felt as if we had known each other for years. We commented back and forth daily. A few weeks after our chance "meeting" my friend Missy noticed one of the comments between Emily and I. She asked "do you two know each other?"

I sat here and giggled, and wrote back that yes we did, but I wouldn't tell her how. Emily didn't tell her either. A few days later I found another friend request from another Emily. It was actually from the Emily I thought I was originally commenting to. (The Emily's are very good friends) My first Em, told the second Em the story and thought it sounded funny. So, I have two Emily's as friends. But, that is not the end of the story. Not by a long shot! After Emily, Missy's daughter, heard the story and told her mom. The loop was complete.

I don't believe that God makes mistakes! NOPE! He has a purpose for everything under the sun. Emily the first friend, and I have truly become friends. We talk back and forth several times a week. We have become kindred spirits! We share prayer requests and talk about problems. We talk to each other in confidence, and don't feel strange about it at all. Our posts usually end with "I love you" or "hugs" and" hope to see you soon" and so on.

We were going to actually meet a few weeks ago, but something happened and Emily could not visit Ohio. I was so disappointed, and so was Emily. My heart almost hurt.

Well, on Friday October 9, I will get to meet my two Emily's because they are BOTH coming to Ohio! They are coming together! I am so excited. It gets pretty lonely around here. I sometimes get desperate for female interaction! When one of our boys brings a girl home, (which is NOT a frequent thing) I grab her and talk. I need female conversation! Even Jeff comments about there should be more girls around here to balance out all of the guys. When the boys (I should say men) are home, they bring friends, and there are more guys here than I can count. So... I need female companionship!

God has heard my cry and I get some this weekend! YAY.

Mistake? I don't hardly think so. God knew my heart and how I have been feeling. I have been missing Liz so much and the mother-daughter conversations, laughing, and just doing things together. God plopped new friends in my life. No, they will not take the place of Liz, but have certainly earned a place of honor in my heart. My new friends. So Emily 1 and Emily 2- you are a most welcome addition to my heart and life!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's time to decorate!

It is fall... time to put out the pretty orange decorations!

I love it when I can get out some of my favorite decorations. This year I did listen to my husband's request to not OVER-DO it!

Yep, I just noticed that the wood is water stained... that is what happens when you don't paint it!

Below are two new decorations I have added this year. Bargain shopping a few weeks ago!

Here a few things I did get out. I have been looking through several of my friends blogs and felt inspired to share some of mine. Did you ever notice before you take the pictures everything looks fine, but once you have them downloaded to your computer you notice silly little things? Such is the case with many of these. I'll be sure to point out all of them!

I re-did my flower arrangement from summer daisies to fall flowers and vines.

I have a penchant for having dishes to match, so below you can see my collection just waiting to be filled with yummy concoctions from my kitchen! I need to entertain soon!

I need to get ready for work now, I just wanted to share fall with you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Point to Ponder

If you keep your bread, potatoes or desserts on the floor, you can call them low carbs...right? It's just a thought!

Quote from: Hot Flashes With A Side of Garlic Bread

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not just another day

This is a lovely September~ Sunday morning, got up early (ridiculously so it was 4 AM) checked the inbox, facebook and newspaper, brewed the coffee about 4:45 after Jeff came ambling downstairs. I went to the early service at NewPointe Community Church. Awesome service, great message. Visited with some dear friends before heading back home. Got home and walked in the house and got to hear my oldest son lead worship at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, VA. Oh, what a glorious thing to be able to worship many places in many ways! Loving the fact that I can do that via the internet with Micah. I sure do miss him leading worship around here!

We have had a busy weekend. Friday night we had a thank you picnic for helping in the cafe at NPCC. Lots of fun! Saturday night Jeff's 35th class reunion. Lots of old friends to reconnect with. Today we have opportunity to fellowship with more old friends this afternoon. I'll have to tell you more about that one later.... shhhhh it's a surprise!

Yesterday was out oldest son, Micah's 25 Birthday! Wow, when did I get that old? He was a bit depressed about the fact that he's that old, but it is a great age. He is the age his dad was when we started dating! Mature, but not old!

Tomorrow, begins a whole new week! So far there are no mistakes in it, so I am looking forward to it!

I hope to add to chapter six's rewrites. I need to listen to the tape of Liz's funeral/wedding you'll just have to read the book when it comes out to understand that comment!

Then we will just have to wait to see what the remainder of the week brings. I am in serious anticipation!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chapter re-write

I feel as though I have just run a 5K race. I am winded, tired and lethargic. My brain is exhausted. I have written and re-written chapters for this book so many times, but for some reason this one is really hitting me hard. Perhaps it is simply the reminder of eternity that is weighing so heavy upon my heart.

I am anxious. I am fearful. I am missing Liz desperately.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am so grateful that God allowed us to have a wonderful garden and high yield from it, but I am even more thankful that I am done canning... for now. The remainder of garden stuff will be for eating only!

I have shelves heavily laden with goodies that I have "put up" for winter, not to mention that my freezer has a lot of stuff too. Ummm.

I am even more grateful that I can REST for the weekend. I am pooped.

I am going to do some fun things after I clean. I am going to get my fall decorations out and work on my nesting instincts. I love to decorate ( my husband thinks I over do it) but I love it.

I was scheduling my GriefShare classes and realized that it is only one day less than 15 weeks until Christmas. UGH. At the rate I have been blogging I will be saying in my next one "I cannot believe Christmas is over" Ha. The time truly does fly.

I have some deadlines looming: this week I need to get several devotionals written for the COF devotional that will be published by Barbour Publishing in September of 2010! The deadline for that Sept. 22 (how did it sneak up on me? Oh, I know Barbour upped the date from Dec. 1 to Sept. 22) I thought I would faint when I read that e-mail.

I was supposed to work on Through My Tears this week, but canning took precedence, so nothing got written at my house. I am hoping that Mike got something done. I talked to Mike last weekend and he informed me that it looks like we will not make our October/November attempt at a deadline for finishing TMT. :_( (That is my attempt at crying)

Well, I will just have to try to prove him wrong... maybe.

I will soon get to meet "my two Emily's". I was supposed to meet one of them (Emily J) last week but something came up and Emily and Brittany couldn't make it. I was bummed, but now I have been promised a visit from BOTH Emily's. ( Emily J and Emily S) I am so looking forward to having females around here. I love my boys, but believe me I sure miss having girls around here! Even Jeff said it would be wonderful and he was disappointed that the girls couldn't be here. I'll tell you the whole story about the Emily's in another post.

My decorations are calling to me from the basement and the barn loft, so I must get prepared!

I'm outta here for now!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It is time to blog

I cannot believe that it has been two weeks since I have had time to blog. Whew.

I have been so very busy. Canning, college prep for two boys, working and general stuff at home that I seem to be behind on AGAIN.

We will take son # 2 to IWU this week. Son # 3 started last week at UA. Then it will be back to writing, working, and just the two of us.

Amazing how quickly you get used to two. I absolutely love having my kids home, and I miss them desperately when they are gone, but oh it is nice just having to do for the two of us.

I really have to buckle down and get this book finished. My deadline is looming. The end of October/beginning of November. Plus I have writing for the COF 365 day devotional for Barbour publishing, and two stories to submit for two other compilations. Hopefully one of my stories will be picked up for Chicken Soup for The Soul, and the Guideposts Incredible Power of Prayers series. I guess we'll find out after the first of the year.

I will begin a new cycle of GriefShare next Tuesday at NPCC. This will be my fourth year of facilitating. What an awesome support group this is! I have seen so many people come to the classes and even repeat classes until they feel that they are on the road to healing. How exciting and rewarding.

I will be going to NPCC tomorrow to help prepare food to sell in the cafe before the 1st Wednesday service. I love doing this! Next month we have a Married Life Live that is a great night out for couples, and great food too! (I know this for a fact since Jean and I cook it!) We have fed as many as 650 people! Whew a lot of work, and boy are we exhausted.

Oh well gotta run. I have dinner to clean up from.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hoping to post pictures soon since the photographer was here...

Yes, I have officially had my "author" photo done and I am waiting to get the proofs. Seems kind of official now don't you think? Kinda weird even though it has been so many years in the works.


This is such a busy tine of year. Tomorrow Chris and I go to University of Akron for his orientation. It will be sort of weird because he is a junior but will be orienting with freshmen...

He officially withdrew from IWU.


I love that school!

Well dinner time calls and I am the cook, so that will add a quick ending to this post.

Then on to my GriefShare class.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's that time of year

I am sitting here smelling the wonderful sent of homemade salsa! Ummmm. It is the time of year that is a lot of work, but ever so rewarding. So far I have canned green beans, two kinds of jam and now salsa. Before and after pictures above.

I have come up with a design for my book cover. I have a good friend that is professionally tweaking it and adding a few things that I have no clue how to. I should have the "mock up" on the 21st. I am really excited. I have chosen an outfit to wear to have my picture done for the back cover. (I am not really looking forward to that part... I don't like to have my picture taken) but this guy is real professional. He has his own photography studio in Chicago. Mike (my writing partner) has procured his services to take professional photos of several things for the book.

I have colored my hair and cut it (myself) and have prepared the clothes. If you have never cut your own hair, it stinking tough. I have done it many times, but it just is not the same as if you are doing someone else's hair. An for the color.... Preference # 6 Light brown.

It has been so hot the last few days. I am not complaining, I am just mentioning it because it is finally feeling like summer. I tried to mow for a while today since everything is growing like crazy, and I got about 1/10 done and I ran out of gas! RATS! So, now I am playing "Julia Childish" in the kitchen... Here are some pictures of my handiwork the past couple of days.

Hey, I learned something new yesterday! A friend that I met at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference and I are now facebook friends. (Bonnie I am beholding to you!) Yesterday I made a comment about not having long enough arms to take a picture of myself in the outfits I had to choose from for my picture so people could see which one they liked better... any way she said use the delay on my camera. I knew some cameras had them but I have never used it and I have had my camera for about five years... I found my users guide and found out how to do it Yay!!!

So, here you can see I have actually been busy. Proof!!!

I am currently cooking our dinner (stir fried chicken and garlic & soy string beans over rice) Healthy eating yay!

I'll be on the radio Thursday (Aug. 13) sharing a portion of our story (95.9 The Light) I am on again with the Circle Of Friends at 10 AM!

Better get busy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

GO-09 Community Impact Day


This is year two for NewPointe's Community Impact Day. I have a feeling there were many blessed people that had things done for them, but I have more of a feeling that there were many blessed people doing the Impacting!

It is something that changes the way I think about the community around me. I get so caught up in the mundane things of everyday life, that I tend to forget about other things. I want to post some pictures from our small group participation yesterday.
What a blast we had. It was a bit nerve wracking when I looked at the morning sky and then at the radar images on the internet... RAIN! Rain and car washes are not exactly compatible. We tend to think that just because we have something planned to do outside that the weather will cooperate... NOPE! So, we went with plan B and began an hour later and began in the garage. What a wonderful blessing to have a four stall garage!

We had several children participate, and they were all GREAT WORKERS! Thanks Evan, Everett, Noah, McKenna and Isaiah. You guys are the best!

Thanks parents for bringing them.

These kids were having so much fun and they wanted to work!

The rest of us did various and sundry things. We took turns sweeping, scrubbing, washing windows and what ever else needed to be done!

They were so serious about the work look at these faces? Serving with joy? You bet! They never complained about the rain, but Everett was one of the first to notice the really black clouds gathering. Shortly thereafter....

Puddles....everywhere! Not a good mix for clean cars to have to drive through! Nevertheless, we continued on in faith! By 1 PM we had seven cars done! And a lot of tired and sweaty people.

The kids still had energy. They were jumping across puddles.
We had wonderful participation. There were 14 of us all together.

We had three adults that are not even in our small group help with our project. Thanks Andy, Susan, and Jeremy. Thanks Angel for bringing your boys. Thanks Jeremy for bringing your three children! In my opinion...we had the perfect jobs. It worked out great for everyone we could all participate.

Thanks for a job well done everyone!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Circle of Friends radio

Okay, this is waaaay to much fun! This week I have had the privilege to be on the COF radio program on 95.9 The Light (WNPQ)

Libby and I are hosting the program all this week and I am having way to much fun doing this.

I was a guest on the show in June, and that was the first time I was ever on the radio. I had the opportunity to talk on the radio at the Tuscarawas County Fair a couple of years ago, but I saw the microphone and ran the other way. Sorry Kevin! Jeff was not the last bit intimidated and was happy to talk to Kevin. I made a bee line into the building, and never looked back!

Apparently I have gotten over my fear of microphones, because as you can see, there is a huge yellow mic in front of me!

Today's show was funny. I read the scripture from Proverbs 21:19 It is better to live alone in the desert than with a quarreling and complaining wife. We could hardly contain ourselves. It was hard to talk because we were laughing so hard. I know I had pictures in my head!

Honey, I am sorry if I have made you think that way! I don't want you to live in the desert.

Right now, the COF "fearless leader" Lisa is in Nashville recording an album to go along with the book "Meet me at the well" by my friend Virelle Kidder. I met Virelle at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference in May. She and Lisa had met the month before and had discussed the possibility of doing this CD. I am so anxious to hear it! Go Lisa!

Here is a picture of Libby and our producer, Missy.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Missy for inviting me to play! This week has been a lot of fun!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blessings and opportunities

I have been so very busy since my last entry.

Cleaning like crazy, had my boys home for several days, gardening, interviewing... the list goes on!

I had written on facebook yesterday that I was retracing the route that Liz and Brandi had taken that fateful, frightful night in May of 2000. I actually had 18 people write me notes after that entry. I want to thank every one for the prayers and support. I have a terrible fear of heights, and when it came time for us to cross that railroad trestle that crossed the Tuscarawas River I nearly had a panic attack. I was about 1/3 of the way across, and I froze. I was afraid to move. I couldn't turn around or go forward. It took some coaxing from a friend and a hand of support for me to make it the rest of the way. That was when I felt the prayers the most. I nearly had the experience of falling off of that trestle into the water myself. PANIC is not a good thing.

It certainly gave me new appreciation for Brandi's endurance nine years ago. My oh my!

The writing is coming along. It is sometimes almost overwhelming. I was ready to throw in the towel on Wednesday. Sometimes I get pretty weary in the battle, and that was one of those days. On Thursday, I received an e-mail from Creation House Publishing inviting me to resend my manuscript. That was certainly a boost to my heart! My writing partner was overwhelmed when I sent him the e-mail. His response? "WOW". Ha! That was all he wrote until later that evening. Then he responded with a few more words. He now knows that we are a TEAM and that God is on the TEAM with us! YAY God! I guess God is trying to let me know that HE is right there with us, and He is directing us and leading us in the writing of this book.

Mike has done some amazing writing, and never ceases to amaze me. He has gone the extra mile on so many occasions that I have lost count. What a blessing he is. His wife Linda has been cheering us on as well as giving us feedback and ideas. Jeff has been adding his own suggestions and support and a tear or two in the process. What a mighty God we serve! Just when I am ready to hang it all up He sends encouragement through many.

I am here at work this morning, we had a client cancel, so I had an extra minute to get this written. Please continue to pray for this writing effort. And I mean EFFORT! I had no idea what it took to write. I have learned so much, but you never know just how difficult it is to write (when you have no experience) until you step out and try. It is not quite like a job. You cannot always force the words to come, it is best to wait for God's timing and grace! Trust me it works much better that way.

Gotta run! Be blessed!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great gathering of writers

Thanks for every one's prayers. The Write His Answer seminar that I hosted this past weekend went very well. We had 19 in attendance. Here are a couple of pictures. Marlene Bagnull was great. Such a wealth of information she has to share with all of us.

This group was VERY QUIET! I think that most of us were fearful. I know that the first seminar that I went to 15 months ago I felt that way too. You want to know if what you are writing is any
good. Marlene has been in the writing field for over 35 years,
so when you get her feedback and it is positive it really gives you
peace in your heart, and the desire to step out and do some more writing. If she says it stinks (which she did not say once) then you go back to the beginning and START OVER.

I felt very good having brought Marlene here. Thank you Marlene for sharing your expertise with all of us.

We even had two ladies drive all the way from Wisconsin just for this seminar!
Thanks Dana and Monica I am so glad you chose to come!!!!!

We did have a group of very interesting people and an even more interesting group of stories that Marlene read a portion of. Is is not interesting to see how people think? We all had different ideas of what to write about. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

I also had some amazing help from some amazing friends. Thanks to
Sherry, Linda, Mike and Denise for helping me with the food and books. Thanks Anita for arranging for the room and for loaning
me your screen. Thanks Jean for helping me set up the
tables and chairs and tablecloths. Also for offering any other things
needed for this activity. Thanks Mabel for being ever watchful and helping people into the building and directing them to to the
room where they needed to go. Thanks Jerry for the tables and
everything else needed.

Thanks to Jeff most of all for putting up with me and my stuff. I know that you fully support me in my writing, and I appreciate it more than you will ever know. I love you!

Now, I am moving on with things. Mike and I have a couple of meetings for interviews this week. It will be nice to see these folks again. It has been a long time for a couple of them. One I do not think I ever met before. It will add yet another dimension to Through My Tears.

Today I get to welcome Jordan home for a few days. I have hardly seen him since Easter. I am looking forward to his visit. Micah will be home Thursday I think. It has been since Easter since I have seen him too! guys will all be here for a few days. I am so proud of all of them, but I really do miss them.

Well, I have already scrubbed the kitchen floor again, swept the living room, and dining room, I have clean sheets to put on beds and now I need to go to the grocery to pick up a few of their favorites!

Thanks again for all of the prayers for this past weekend. God was certainly there, and the grace needed flowed without question. Hallelujah!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Progress report

Just in case anyone is wondering, I got the laundry room done, all of the laundry done except for today's dirty clothes. Bathrooms done (will just need touched up), guest room done, dining room done, kitchen done, (except for window and valance and floor) living room needs to be done...
clean carpet, dust clean furniture (remove Buzz hair)

I am nearly ready! Yay!!!

We currently have 19 people coming to the seminar.

I will make the food on Friday, and set up the room.

Marlene will get in late afternoon, we will eat dinner here and then head up to the church to get all of her stuff unloaded, then it's time! Yippee 8>)

I have to weed the garden tomorrow before it gets too hot... blah..

(It is Thursday AM and I am 2/3 done weeding...just thirsty so took a break) see pictures to right for proof!

Just wanted to let you all know what is happening.


If anyone wants more info about the seminar please let me know.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A very busy week ahead

Happy Monday everyone!

Once again a new week has rolled around and I have not blogged. So, I will take the rest of my lunch break to do just that.

I am not at work, but I am working. I am cleaning in preparation for Marlene Bagnull to arrive on Friday for the Writer's Seminar I will be hosting. I have mentioned it in previous postings, but I will mention it once again.

If you are interested or know someone that is, please contact me at and let me know right away. We are trying to get a final count so that I am able to prepare enough food for everyone. I need to make sure we have ample seating and materials too.

This past week flew by. Once again Mike and I went to the prosecutors office to gather information. We got several things that we did not have from the sheriff's report, so hopefully we can include some of this information in the book.

Last night Jeff and I shared our testimony out at Memory Park. We were invited by Gospel Haven Church to share at their annual church picnic. What a privilege it was to be there. We took our friends Mike and Linda with us. That was a whole new experience for them as neither of them had ever had opportunity to be at a Mennonite gathering. What a wonderful group of people we met and shared with. Thanks again Marvin and Janice for inviting us!

It is finally summer. Officially! Today is the first Monday of summer, and yet it is nearly July 4. That, in my opinion marks the half way point of summer...UGH.

I am THRILLED that all of my boys will be home for the 4th of July. YAY!!!

So my cleaning will not only be for Marlene, but for the boys too. It seems I have so much to do and not much done. Which means that my lunch break is now five minutes over what I had planned to take. So, back to cleaning cupboards in my bathroom. I would be mortified if Marlene needed something and opened the cupboard and everything fell out! So.... I better get busy!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick post

Good beautiful Sunday morning! What a beautiful morning it is. It is Sunday one of my favorite days of the week. I get to go worship my Lord! Have my family at home and maybe if I am real blessed we'll have some friends over!

I wanted to let you all know that I have been blessed by the Circle Of Friends and will be their guest on the Circle of Friends radio this week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It is on 95.9 FM the Light. WNPQ. It begins at 10 AM and is on for an hour. I will not be speaking for an hour, but will have opportunities during the entire hour. Check it out!

Last night we were at a wedding for our friend Heather. What a beautiful woman she is. And absolutely gorgeous last night. I wish she was cloned... I have three boys and I'd love to have three Heathers for daughters-in -law! She is a God loving, generous, kind, beautiful woman that God has blessed. We had fun. We sat with friends at the reception, Sherry and Duane and Jenny and John. We laughed a lot. John is the pastor that married Heather and Dave. He is one of the pastors at NewPointe church. Anyway we had a blast. The decorations were beautiful, the food very good, and we had a lovely time. I was able to see the brides mother, Sue and visit with her for a while. Sue and Heather were in our small group from church for a few years. They are a lot of fun and lovely ladies. I was also able to visit with the groom's mother Patti. I met Patti at GriefShare. She lost a child too, so we had an instant connection when she came to class. Two lovely women! One beautiful wedding!

My week will be a busy one. Mike and I will be going back to the Prosecutor's office. We have been cleared to go through all of the files from Liz's case. We will be gleaning information that we lack for the book. We also will be visiting the Sheriff's office as they have more information/stuff that we will check out. I am so glad that all is going well. It could have been a real sticky situation, but God prepared the way and all is flowing! Thanks God.

Next Sunday, Father's Day. Jeff and I will be sharing our testimony once again. We will be with Gospel Haven Church at their picnic at Memory Park in Bunker Hill. This is our last scheduled speaking engagement for the summer. I am looking forward to sharing there.

Well the time has come for me to get ready to go to church. I hope you all have a blessed week. Go and fellowship somewhere today. Spend time with the Lord!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I have been sucked into the black hole (aka my laundry room). I know I am in there somewhere...I keep going from room to room with "stuff" from the hole. Now I have piles EVERYWHERE!

I hate to have to clean up my horrendous messes. I hate to clean up any one's horrendous messes, but mine are worse. Why are they worse? Because I made them knowing I'd have to clean them up. BLAH!

Jeff told me a long time ago that if I would clean up that mess he would build me shelves, and cupboards to "ORGANIZE" the laundry room. Ummm-Hmmm. Wonder what he'll say when he sees what I am doing. He'll be glad don't get me wrong, but when I remind him about the shelves, cupboards he may not be as jubilant! I guess we all have to pay...don't we? I can hear an evil sounding laugh in my head (buahahahahahah)

It's been a busy week as I mentioned it was going to be and it's only Tuesday. I feel like I have had a full week since I blogged on Friday. The meetings went well yesterday. All of them. Got to "visit" the court room where we sat 9 years ago for the sentencing of the man that killed Liz.
Matter of fact court was in session, so it was even more reminiscent of the past.

I am not sure why I am sitting here blogging when my mess is S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G at me to finish. It is going to be a while till it is done. I need something else to do....NOT
My ADOS has kicked in (Attention Deficit Ooooh Shiny) if it glitters it draws me... even if it doesn't glitter it draws me. Especially if I don't want to do it.

I wrote a poem or something possibly song lyrics on Sunday during church...sorry John, your message was amazing! It was inspiring. A lot of what you said is in the writing! I am encouraged because I have NEVER written anything remotely like that. It was this feeling that if I didn't find something to write on I was going to I grabbed the only paper in my purse. It just happened to be my paycheck pay stubs. Ha! I couldn't keep up with the thoughts it came so fast! Pretty cool when something like that happens. I'll share it sometime.

I know, I know...get back to work!

See you later!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Quick update

It' is Friday again and I haven't updated my blog. I'm sorry. I have an 11 o'clock lunch scheduled with my friend Missy, and then I may be heading off to 95.9 The Light to record Circle of Friends radio with Missy, Beth, Angie and I am not sure who else may be there. So maybe you'll hear me...maybe you won't.

The book is coming along. Mike is helping me and giving me wonderful suggestions and support. I need that nudge to get me moving. Yesterday I thought I would be writing all day long, but that didn't end up happening. I read the 57 page Sheriff's report of Liz's murder and all that happened those couple of days. It apparently put me into a bit of a 'dither' and I felt as if I was in a fog all day long. I could not wrap my head around any thing. I ended up searching for a couple of articles I had misplaced, and that ended up turning into an all out cleaning and organizing of my writing area/computer area. It looks much better. Now I have all of my counseling stuff on one shelf, and all of my writing stuff on another. Separate. No longer mixed together willy-nilly.

Yay! Organization...I love it.

Too bad I don't keep it that way, or have my 'maid' do it. Ha what am I thinking I am the maid!

I am anxious to have my friend Missy read what I have written and what Mike has written. She is one of the many people I have as a critique-er for my writing. She is wonderful (as are all of the rest of you) since she has already been published, her book Double Honor (I need to put a link to her book on this site) I am able to pick her brain and get her feed back, and she is honest and gives me great suggestions.

I need to get busy and get ready to go, but I wanted to at least let you all know where I have been and what is happening. Mike and I will meet with the county prosecutor on Monday morning to see what information we can culminate for the book. Good stuff, for adding more interest for the reader. Then on to my writing group after our meeting. Woo-hoo a lot of fun and help.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tina have a great vacation! Wish I could go hug a palm tree with you and Ted! Love ya!

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's the weekend again

Have you ever noticed that when you have a Monday holiday the week is all out of kilter? This week has been crazy.

I worked on Tuesday and that is different for me. I also worked last Saturday, I'll work this Saturday and also next Saturday... We have two weddings in June, and the writers seminar. So much for Saturday relaxation.

Today I got to go to lunch with two of my favorite people. Mary and Jean. We went to El San Jose ummmmmm, yummy guacamole and chips and a chicken burrito (minus the cheese and sour cream) allergies take a good part of the fun out of eating. It was a lot of fun catching up with people you don't see often. Thanks for lunch Mary and thanks for the paper and stickers too.

Have you ever been offended? I seem to have a very sensitive heart and take so many things personally. I noticed today that someone that used to have a link to my blog has deleted it from their blog. I was pretty hurt, but I'm sure they didn't do that to offend me or hurt me. Perhaps my blog is just to mundane and plain and they have tired of it. Oh, I hope not, but if that is true perhaps I need to write things that have a bit more "meat" in them.

I know I receive comments from only 1 person (thanks Tina) I know you still love me! I may not have meaty postings, but hey at least I am posting. Some of my blogging buddies haven't posted for a L-O-N-G time. You know who you are, I miss reading your blogs. I will leave your names on my list of blog friends...just in case.

Well, I now have a kitchen full of young men that are eating pasta and cooking steaks, so I think I will end this here for tonight. I'll post more over the weekend.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

This is probably a good thing, but I cannot believe how busy we have been this weekend. We just passed the 9 year mark since Liz's death this weekend. That is a difficult date to get past, but as I said on facebook, God's grace is sufficient! We once again have survived and we shall continue to thrive and grow. God has a magnificent plan!!!!

I am so blessed!

Christopher got home on Wednesday and is officially a junior in college! He just finished May term.

Jordan got home Thursday evening from Zambia, Africa. What stories he has and how God touched him while he was there! IT truly was life changing for him. Thank you all for your contributions. Whether they were financial, or prayer or both we are MOST grateful! He is healthy and happy. He will be leaving next weekend for Evansville, IN. for his job at St. Mary's hospital. Thank God he found a job!

Micah is doing great in VA. HE will celebrate his second anniversary at Cornerstone Chapel on June 1. Once again, God is good!

Here on the home front we have our garden in (except for my beets and the potatoes...I know those should be in. Oh well. We now have two kinds of corn, three kinds of beans, two kinds of peas, two kinds of onions, carrots, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, thyme, basil, parsley, catnip, cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, rhubarb, zucchini... and of course weeds!

We got all of the flowers in and all of the flower beds cleaned out, and mulched. We have put the red mulch on this year. Something different for a change. We didn't go hog wild on flowers. so the colored mulch helps brighten it up.

We had my mother over for lunch yesterday, and will be leaving shortly for a cookout. We also attended two graduation parties on Saturday.... whew! No wonder I'm tired. I will be meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow, going to calling hours for another friend's father. I will work tomorrow afternoon/evening at SpringHaven. Funeral on Wednesday, collapse on Thursday (ha) like I will have time to do that.

I have writing to do!!!!! My conference was wonderful. God has now provided a friend to work with me on Through my Tears. Continue to pray for that! This is an amazing job that God has placed in front of me, and I am ever so grateful for my friend that is helping me as well as my writing group! We are sponsoring a writer's seminar on June 26-27. Watch the paper and also listen for the ads on 95.9 FM... if I get me self in gear!

I better scoot. We have to leave in a few minutes! Happy Memorial Day!

A Huge Thank You to all of the Veterans! God Bless YOU!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm here!

I find it hard to believe I am actually in Colorado! So far the conference has been great. I am sort of playing hooky at the moment....oops!

Actually I needed some down time, and they encourage you to take the time if you need to. So I am doing it with permission. I have heard so much good stuff I am on overload. I need to gather the troops to re-group so to say.
So far, I have had appointments with one author, one publisher, one editor, and two agents! I feel good about the positive comments,but no one is saying they will take me on. I have two people that want me to send them my proposal,and my manuscript after I do more work on it. They were very kind in their commenting. I once again have so many things to do, and since I have had so MANY wonderful sessions I have much to do. But I have more direction!!!!!!!!!

Here are pictures I took just about a minute ago looking out of my window in my room. They are a bit "funky" since I had a screen on the window that is not removable. Yes that is snow that you see! I am in utter astonishment at the work of

God just outside my window. Isn't God amazing?
I have been having sleep issues. I have found that there is a new syndrome that I suffer from...mountain buggers, and dry mouth. I know go ahead and laugh. But last night when I woke up for the second time having a panic attack because I couldn't breathe it wasn't funny at all!

I guess I can overlook the issues just to be able to see the grandeur all around me!

I will ask you to continue to pray for me. I want God's perfect will in all of this. I know it is sometimes a fight between God and Becki, but in the end, I want God to be the victor!

In the meantime, I have another continuing session I have to go to at 5:00 with Virelle Kidder.

WOW, what an awesome lady!

I am really enjoying her class. I love to listen to her talk, and sometimes find myself scrambling to take notes because I am so involved in listening.

Any way, I will try one more time to blog while I am here I'll include more pictures too!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am checking off the list!
  1. Bags packed
  2. Laundry (in process)
  3. House straightened
  4. Computer battery charged
  5. copied e-mail list
  6. bought flash drive(and filled it)
  7. camera battery charged
  8. phone charged
  9. groceries purchased
  10. Made copies of all the stories, proposals, and my manuscript.
  11. list done for Jeff (he'll be thrilled)
I have one more full day to finish my list, plus treat myself to a manicure. (with Jeff's permission)

I am so psyched!!

I am also thrilled because I received beautiful roses from Micah for Mommies day, a wonderful phone call from my youngest son, Chris and he said "thanks for being the best Mom ever!"
E-mails from Jordan, spent time with family and just had a great day.

The evening before... Saturday.We went to a wedding. The daughter of very good friends, who just happened to be friends with Liz. Matter of fact she and Liz were the same age. What a beautiful event it was! A true class act!

Linda (the brides mom) is also in our small group, she is so special and is so very thoughtful. After the wedding as we went through the receiving line, we were talking and she informed me that she had something "special" at my plate at the reception. When we got there this is what I found: She was very teary eyed as she told me that.

The fragrance of the tea rose and the lilies of the valley are so sweet.

God certainly has ways of making me feel so very loved and cared for!

We are certainly blessed by all of our friends. Mother's Day is always a bit rough, but this year so many of our friends helped to make it special. With love and hugs, and special facebook messages and fb flowers and cards too.

Thanks to all of you that care so much! We feel so loved!

Thank you for all of your prayers and the phone calls since my last post!

I will not be blogging until I get to Colorado. Keep praying! I'll keep you all posted as to the progress I am making at the conference.