Friday, October 3, 2014

Season changes and whirlwinds

I can scarce believe that it is October 3. My last post was 4 months ago. Which in some ways feels like a lifetime.

Of course so much has happened.

Planted my garden in May, and I am still harvesting! We are just now eating watermelon. I had no idea how long it took, and absolutely clueless about how to know when they are ripe. After several YouTube videos I now know.

I have mowed our grass darn near a thousand times (perhaps I exaggerate, or not) I used a push mower all summer long. We have nearly an acre, and that calculates out to about 3 hours of pushing and 4 miles of walking. So that helped tremendously on the exercise front. Since last January, I have lost 30 pounds in preparation for Jordan and Brittany's wedding on August 30. What a spectacular wedding it was!
Jordan and our beautiful daughter-in-love, Brittany!

Collage from friend Linda W. shown in photo

Mother and son dance. Danced to Phil Collins' song  You'll Be In My Heart.

My side of the family. Haven't gotten any other photos from photographer yet.
Had a lovely visit 2 weeks ago with our son, Micah and his beautiful girlfriend, Rebecca. We went to Leesburg/DC to celebrate Micah's 30th birthday. I am still astonished that my children are as old as they are. .

 We had a busy day first going to Great Falls. Here are the 4 of us. What a beautiful spot that I had no idea existed.

Here are the 4 of us at Mt. Vernon relaxing on the back patio. We waited for the lemonade, but no one brought any out. We had a lovely day, and the weather was incredible. Our visit was perfectly timed and completely enjoyed.

Since arriving back in Ohio I have gone back to work, part time subbing in the Dover schools offices. After a 9 year absence, I have picked up where I left off. It's been great seeing so many of the people I once worked with, that I count as friends! I have been at the high school and the middle school so far.

In between subbing I have a number of speaking engagements. This Monday, October 6, I will be speaking to the Rotary, the 14th, I am scheduled to speak at the Gnadenhutten Women's Club, the 23rd I am scheduled for the GriefShare group at Dennison Christian Church, and the 26th Jeff and I are scheduled to speak at a church in Frazeysburg. So there you have it.

I have canned garden goodies, and have more to do, but seem to be lacking in the energy department. Is it time for a nap yet?