Monday, June 3, 2013

Up for a challenge? I am drawing my circles!

The past three weeks I have been hearing messages from my pastor, Dwight Mason at NewPointe Community Church. He has been sharing from the book "Circle Makers" by Mark Batterson. I have listened intently, and on purpose am taking the challenge!

I am being intentional with God and praying.

(You must read the story about Honi and the children of Israel to know what drawing the circle means.)

Three circles

First one is Dream Big.

Yep, I can dream, I can even dream BIG... I believe that God can do what I am asking Him to? I am not trying to tell God what to do,  or how to do it although I do have a tendency to do that. I am trying to fulfill what I believe God put in my heart and believe that what He called me to do He will make it happen. Perhaps not how I want it done, or when I want it done, I am currently in the process of praying it through.

I am deciding what my Jericho is. I must define the promises God wants me to stake claim to, the miracles God wants me to believe for, and the dreams God wants me to pursue. 

No, I am not a name it and claim it kind of believer. I detest that kind of thinking! This is different, believe me. Get the book and read it and you yourself will see what it is speaking about.

The second one is Pray Hard.

This means, you keep circling 

I remember the story about Jesus sweating blood as he was praying in the garden of Gethsemane. I don't know if that will actually happen to me, but I know I am serious about God answering my prayers about some particular things. I can pray and then forget it, or I can pray hard. That means I continue praying until I get an answer. That means that maybe this is one of those kinds of praying that requires fasting of some sort.

Am I up for that? Yes. Yes I believe I am. Am I fasting? Perhaps. Am I believing? I am really trying.

The third circle is Think Long.

I am not there yet, I am still reading and Dwight has not preached on this one yet. So, that means I will have to stop here and do some more reading. Just know that while I am putting the first two into practice, it is laying the foundation for the last one.

You will need to stay tuned!