Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Be surprised

Yes, be surprised-very surprised. It is still the month of July and I am posting again.

I could bemoan the fact that I find it difficult to find time to write, but that wouldn't be all together true. I do have time. Now.

Sort of. I am waiting to hear back from the literary agency that I queried last week. I am not patient. I am rather fearful.

I am also up to my neck in mess. I cannot say that I am a hoarder, I just am a pack rat. I am currently (well not at the moment) cleaning my basement. I had tackled two of the three rooms about six weeks ago. I began the third and final room on Monday. I now know why I left this room for last. It was/is by far the worst. I think I knew that there were things in that room that I didn't want to look at. I had a huge meltdown at one point yesterday. I opened a shoe box that had been on one of the shelves for almost ten years.  When I opened it, and saw that is was a box of socks, and saw a certain pair I instantly fell apart. They belonged to my daughter, Liz.

She has been gone for over twelve years, and you would think that I would be further along than falling to pieces. It didn't last long, but it certainly came from the very depths of my being. I sobbed so loud and so hard it hurt.

I am glad that I know it is okay to have those kind of moments, otherwise I would have been scared. I was ambushed by grief, more by the shock of seeing something like the socks that Liz loved and had worn only a day or two before she died. Those cow spot socks that she loved and giggled every time she wore them. Our dog Buzz was a puppy at the time, not even a year old and he LOVED to chew socks. Liz got pretty mad when she saw that he had chewed holes in her favorite socks. Yet, she still wore them. Whew.

I have three huge boxes that I have to go through today. I am NOT looking forward to going through them, but I am looking forward to having a cleaned up basement. I MUST tackle this giant.

I will come up for air...

Monday, July 16, 2012


Is anyone still out there reading this poorly neglected blog?

I have been so busy with edits from my editor to get Through My Tears ready to send out to agents and publishers that I have neglected quite a few things.


We are in the process of making some major decisions and that too has claimed my brain. Prayers for wisdom in these decisions are GREATLY appreciated.

I wish I could tell you more, but I don't have a lot to tell. I have been dieting yet again. I have not lost a lot of weight. About seven pounds in a month, but I am losing inches. I have about sixty (yes 60) pounds to lose...yes another small child's worth of weight. I guess I am working toward another "sister". Wandering around out there are at least three of me (enough weight to make three more of me). I am feeling better when I stick to the life style change. I typically eat fresh foods only. Very little if any meat. Lots of beans for the protein. I am noticing that the aching in my hands is lessening when I don't eat breads. ( I LOVE my bread too) I feel less sluggish. I do still have a lot of pain in my feet but most everything else feels better. I have slept without my wrist supports and my hands/arms aren't falling asleep, and waking me up. Soooooo, that is good.

I am so ready to be done working on this book. I need to get busy on the other two I have started. Well actually three. Whew. I tend to do that in my life, start several things and not get anything completed. Oh well.

I did get a great start in my basement. I got two of the three rooms  cleaned up. Still a lot of junk down there, but soon it will all be done. I've gotta use wisdom.

I guess I just wanted to let everyone know I am still kicking. I have spent time on facebook but if we aren't fb friends you have no idea what I have been up to. I will attempt to update this a bot more often.

Be back soon--bye!