Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Happy Fall! I hope all of you have been busy and blessed. My fall has been busy and will continue to be so so the posts are sparse.

In the past couple of weeks I have had two speaking engagements, the counseling center where I work has moved in to a beautiful new permanent facility, I finished my canning, I have another speaking engagement Friday evening, a banquet, a missions gathering, and small group! Whew I am tired.

Thanks for checking back to look for any updates.

Last night I was privileged to to speak to the Bolivar Wesleyan church Ladies group and met many new people and was thrilled to see a few familiar faces as well. Thanks ladies for your kindness and attentiveness! You all are a blessing!

I am excited about the Circle Of Friends' - Girlfriends event. This year we are hosting three different school districts at two events. Both of which I have the privilege and blessing to be a part of. Girls and moms, I look forward to meeting you, and if we have already met I look forward to hearing form you! What a blessing it is! And Rhoda Troyer from RIG and Co brought some great ideas to the girls about how to dress, what works and what doesn't! Lovely to see Rhoda again and to glean form her knowledge.

I hope you are all blessed and have a great day!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It appears that I have been too busy to blog

It's true, I have been so busy I have not had time to blog. Let me show you just what I have been up to: So what do you think?

Not convinced, let me show you a few more.

How about now? Still not convinced?

OK what bout now? Well nevertheless, I truly have been busy, but I will also reap the benefits of my labors time and again over the winter months. So, just enjoy the pictures and I'll think about you as I am enjoying the wonderful home canned goods.

I have also begun working on a new book. It is inspirational fiction. It is something to fill in between the edits of Through My Tears, and in addition to Hot Flashes With A Side Of Garlic Bread.

So there! I have reasons for not blogging. What is your reason? Please share it with me.