Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm back!

I have wanted to blog for days now, but my energy level as been below zero...I'm here now!
The trip to Virginia was wonderful. I so enjoyed my time there. I loved spending time with Micah. It didn't seem like very long, but I'm sure he was ready to see me come home! I did clean for him though. I was a nervous wreck on Tuesday before I shared Tuesday night. I have to do something when I'm upset or mad. That's when I get a lot done at home.

There were about 70 women there for the meeting. Andrea told me that was the biggest group they've had (no pressure or anything). I am so grateful to the Lord that when I got up to share I had a total peace. Micah sang about four or five songs then he introduced me... I was so proud of him! He's such a blessing. All of my boys are blessings by the way!

I went over my allotted time by about 10 minutes. I don't remember all of what I shared, but I do remember what I didn't share. I was so upset by the time I left the church, I wanted to cry. I am not sure why the Lord didn't have me share certain things, but I prayed for weeks before, and I know that something I shared was for someone! Thank you to all of you for praying! I was encouraged by one of the pastor's wives not to second guess myself, so Jane, I am attempting to get over it! What a gracious group of ladies I met. I so enjoyed that!

I also had the opportunity to fellowship with Pastor Gary and his wife Terry, and their boys. We went out for dinner after church on Sunday, then back to their home for coffee and dessert. They asked me to share our testimony with them because Terry had never heard all of it and she would not be able to be there on Tuesday. I completely lost track of time then. They had to go to their youngest son's awards ceremony for football. I made poor Terry cry and then she had to leave for the awards. Sorry Terry!

On Monday night we went to dinner with Pastor Kelley and Jane his wife and daughter Kelly Renee. We sat and talked after our meal for a long time! Thanks again!

I am so blessed to get the opportunity to meet those that Micah works with. Pastor Gary and Pastor Kelley, and their families. What a wonderful group of pastors! I also met several of the other ladies that work at the church. Thanks to all of you for making my visit so special. I'm enjoying the bag of "goodies" you gave to me. I feel very blessed to know all of you!

Micah and I had a good time at the Washington Monument. It certainly gives you a new perspective, and a lot of appreciation for our country! Thanks for getting the tickets Mic!

The White House

Lincoln Memorial

Flags around Washington Monument

The Jefferson Memorial
I am looking forward to having the family home for the holidays, all of the boys come home on Tuesday, then we'll have Thanksgiving at Jeff's Mother's at noon and then at my sister, Suzanne's, at 6 p.m.
There is always so much food it is such a shame not to be able to share it with more people than just the family. We are truly a blessed nation that we can even celebrate Thanksgiving, but it has turned very much into such a dreadfully over indulgent thing it is a shame. I have been looking at how I celebrate, and how I feel about things. This morning pastor Dwight had a message that really challenged me again. I have been thinking about Christmas, and the gifts and how I don't NEED anything. I even have trouble coming up with ideas if things I want. What does that tell you? We have MORE than necessary, more than any other nation on this earth. We have become a nation of hoarders. It has taken our minds off of the true meaning of Christmas, and we have made it such a commercial thing.... God forgive us! I have decided that I want to make a difference in someone else's life this year! I'm praying about just what the Lord would have me to do. Thanks for the challenge Dwight!

Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm leavin on a jet plane...

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go (I feel like breaking into an old song)I am so excited I leave tomorrow.I got that room in the basement done, the sheets are changed, the laundry is done and put away. The floors are swept, furniture dusted,


I have talked to all three boys today. Talked to the Pastor's wives in VA, and I have some of my message prepared. I'm nearly done. Please continue to pray! I"M EXCITED, oh I am soooooo excited! Pray for Jeff while I'm gone. He's hasn't been a bachelor for 26 years. He said oh, I can handle it. He has always had the kids to be with him, or at least some of them. Now it'll just be Buzz. Poor puppy already seems depressed. He watched me pack then he watched me re-pack, then he watched me take clothes out of the suitcase to wear today, and wash them and squeezed them into my suitcase. I am not going to check my luggage in, so I have to pack wisely.... uh yea, sure... my little suitcase weighs about 40 pounds. it does have wheels, but I have to pick it up and put it in an overhead compartment, DUH, what was I thinking??? Oh well, there is a chiropractor that goes to the church!

I'm pooped, I've been awake since before 5 a.m. and going strong, till now. I don't know if I'll have time to blog while I'm gone, but I'll try. I'm taking my camera, so hopefully I'll have a photo or two to post.

Again, please pray!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ahhhhh, I feel organized!

Oh yeah, I am feeling pretty organized at the moment. I spent about four hours cleaning out my bedroom, really cleaning it out. About four garbage bags worth of it! I only need to change the sheets tomorrow, and I 'm done in there. It makes me feel really good. I am a messy by nature. I love it when I step out of my norm, and do something in the positive.
I still need to work on the last two rooms in the basement, but I got a brainstorm about one of the things today, so I hope to get to it on Wednesday.

I also picked out my clothes (after trying on several different things) to take to Virginia. I have them packed too! All I need to do is iron what I am wearing on the plane, and pack the last minute stuff. Woo-Hoo! I am pretty excited about the trip. I am a little nervous too. Please be praying for me as I prepare what I am sharing. It always amazes me how our testimony can be shared in so many ways. It seems that each place we share, God has us focus on a certain aspect of what happened. I will be sharing on forgiveness and hurts. I will be sharing on Tuesday night (next week) so please pray!

Just talked to my youngest, ahhh, a happy mommy heart! I sure do miss my guys. Micah is in California at a Worship Leaders conference. He e-mailed me a picture of palm trees from where he is. Jordan is doing his clinicals tomorrow. He really seems to enjoy them and does real well. Chris actually had all his homework done, and was going to have some free time tonight. He's gonna watch Prison Break. That's where I'm headed momentarily!

Don't forget to VOTE tomorrow!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


In the last 25 hours I have been working on my wedding scrapbook. I am nearly done and it's only 26 years after the wedding. I was at the all night scrap book event. Out of those 25 hours, I worked for 18 of them. I did come home at 1:45 this morning and slept. I went back by 8 a.m. I am so happy that I FINALLY have those memories in a book that looks special.

It made me think about how much I love Jeff. We only knew each other for six months before we got married. I came home from Charlotte North Carolina in April of 1981, and swore that I would NEVER get involved in a relationship EVER again. Then a month to the day later my friend Ruth introduced me to a friend of her boyfriends. It was a blind date, and poor Jeff thought he was being invited to a party with several other christian young people. He came to the door with a six pack of diet soda, and wondered where everyone was. He saw Tom and Ruth, and just one other person (me) and knew he'd been had! I am so glad he didn't walk back out that door faster than he walked in. From that point on we were inseparable.

We met on May 17, and were married on November 28, 1981. We will soon be celebrating 26 years of marriage. As I put the last picture on the last page of the book, I really got to thinking about what I wrote in the sand. You know the scene, young couple strolling down the beach while on their honeymoon, and stop to write I love _ _ _ _ . I hope you can see the picture below. "It says I love Jeff". I realized that when I wrote that I thought I loved him. Now I KNOW I love him!
How can I not love someone that has devoted himself to being a good husband and father. One that loves me no matter what I look like (I'm certainly not the tiny 105 pounds I was then). He puts up with my mood swings (we're talking pendulum like swings on a HUGE clock). He puts up with my piles (he does contribute to the mess too). He has been at my side through giving birth to our four babies. He has been at my side through two horrifically painful back surgeries. He never left my side when we had to learn of the death of our daughter, and throughout the painful times surrounding that. He has humored me in things I had no business doing, but I thought I was doing the right thing.
He is my rock. My hero. I may get angry, even furious with him. I may get tired of his "thrifty-ness". I may get tired of his complaining about wanting to retire and a few other minor things. But I love this man! I can't imagine life without him, nor do I want to! I would shrivel up and die. We may not have the best marriage in the world, but we do understand each other for the most part. we are devoted to each other.
I really do mean what I wrote in the sand nearly 26 years ago. He is the man of my dreams. The father of my children, my better half, my support, my husband, the answer to all the prayers I prayed for MANY years!
I Love Jeff!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What kind of cereal am I?

In reading Lee Ann Miller's blog she talks about being "Fruit Loopish" (see I got to thinking what kind of cereal am I like?

One thing I know I am not and that is cereal like Lucky Charms..., so sickeningly sweet...nope not me (ask Jeff). Am I like Rice Krispies kind of tasteless and full of air (on certain days yes). Am I more like a high fiber cereal Muselix or Raisin Bran... A little goes a long way. Maybe I am more like Corn flakes? I really don't want to be a flake. How about Cheerios? It simple, yet good for you? Oatmeal? I'm not quite sure. I think I am a big bowl of a mixture, depending on the day and time I can be a jumbled up mixture (that's how I like to eat cereal by the way) a little bit of several kinds because I like them all!

Next thing on my mind: (yes I am using it today) I read Sue's blog (see she had a list going of things she likes, so here goes mine. Not necessarily in order.

I like having my boys all home at the same time (Thanksgiving woo-hoo).

I like to have a relaxing evening home with Jeff. We can eat dinner, and put on our p.j.'s and just be home.

I like to cook one of Jeff's favorite meals and see him eat himself into oblivion.

I like to be inspired.

I like to spend time with friends.

I like to read a good book.

I like the feeling I get when I go to the basement and look at the shelves full of food I have canned. It's rewarding (and tasty).

I like to decorate my house for the seasons. I do snowmen (I have about 500+ in my collection). I do birds, bees and flowers for spring. I do pumpkins (not jack-o-lanterns) and leaves and anything pretty and orange (I am into the oranges the last couple of years) for Fall. And Christmas ooooohhhh I love to decorate for Christmas! Snowflakes, snowmen, and red glass ornaments.... ooooooo pretty!

I love to be organized.... I am still working on this one!

I love serving the Lord! He inspires me!

Whadda ya think Sue K? Oh by the way, I agree with you on the blogging! It keeps me informed about a lot of things, plus I am just NOSEY! I want to know what everyone is up to!

Keep reading and keep the comments coming!